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The Simpsons: Season 19 Episode List

Season 19 is the first season following the theatrical release of The Simpsons Movie.  Given that the movie was a huge commercial success, one might think things are going to improve in terms of quality.

The movie as well as a Writer's Guild strike probably are the reasons why this season has only 20 episodes.  Among the 'notable' moments of the season are the return of Sideshow Bob, Ralph Wiggum as a Presidential candidate, a major 90s-related retcon of Homer and Marge, and the death of an infrequently seen member of the Simpson family.

Though the season starts off decently enough, once things get into a new production order, the season falls apart.  You know its bad when the only decent episodes in the second half of the season are all Lisa-centric.  From this, Season 19 has the worst overall score to this point, barely edging out Season 16 for that dishonor.  Remember, this season was coming off the movie.

Season 19 Overall Score: 6.43
Favorite Season 19 Episode: Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind
Least Favorite Season 19 Episode: That '90s Show

01) He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs
Homer gets to fly on Mr. Burns' private jet for a night, but afterward realizes his life will never be that good again, and gets ultra depressed until a life coach comes to get him back on track.
Score: 7.0

02) Homer of Seville
An accident leaves Homer completely able to sing at an opera-level just by lying on his back.  He becomes a big opera sensation and gets his share of stalker-level fans.
Score: 6.3

03) Midnight Towboy
As Marge struggles with Maggie's clingyness, Homer takes up a job as a tow truck driver which he loves, but everyone else hates.
Score: 7.6

04) I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Marge is able to convince an armed robber to turn himself in, but only if she visits him in prison.  Then, out of panic, she doesn't visit him.
Score: 7.1

05) Treehouse of Horror XVIII
E.T. Go Home: Kodos is left behind, uses Bart to secretly set up an invasion portal.
Mr. & Mrs. Simpson: Homer and Marge are secret assassins, then they learn each other's secret.
Heck House: Flanders get the power of the devil to scare some kids straight.
Score: 7.6

06) Little Orphan Millie
Milhouse's parents remarry... but are lost at sea during their honeymoon cruise.  Milhouse copes by becoming a hardened loner, which is so cool Bart can't deal with it.
Score: 7.2

07) Husbands and Knives
Stiff competition and a resulting meltdown causes comic book guy to close his shop.  Marge takes it over to create a very successful gym for women, and Homer is worried he'll be replaced with a trophy husband.
Score: 6.3

08) Funeral for a Fiend
Bob tries to kill the Simpsons after what happened in Italy, but fails again.  During the trial, Bart supposedly causes Bob's death, leading to a family-sized funeral.
Score: 7.4

09) Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind
Homer wakes up unable to remember what happened the night previous, but during his inner journey he recalls fragments and worries that he might have hurt Marge.
Score: 7.8

10) E Pluribus Wiggum
Springfield becomes the first town in America to have its primary election.  With both the media and the candidates annoying everyone, the town writes in Ralph Wiggum as a 'screw you', and it works.
Score: 4.1

11) That '90s Show
Homer and Marge recall their time in the 1990s, when their relationship hit the rocks so hard he became a grunge band leader and she dated a radical assistant professor.
Score: 4.0

12) Love, Springfieldian Style
Three tales of love involving Bonnie and Clyde, Lady and the Tramp knockoffs, and Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.
Score: 5.9

13) The Debarted
Bart befriends a new kid in school who is actually a rat working for Skinner.  Meanwhile, Homer really loves a car he was loaned.
Score: 6.7

14) Dial 'N' for Nerder
Bart and Lisa accidentally push Martin off a cliff, and they deal with the guilt of his presumed murder.  Meanwhile, Marge hires a show to catch Homer cheating... on his diet.
Score: 6.8

15) Smoke on the Daughter
Lisa starts living out Marge's dreams of being a ballerina, but finds out second-hand smoke makes her a better dancer.
Score: 7.3

16) Papa Don't Leech
Lurleen Lumpkin returns to stay with the Simpsons as she sorts out her tax evasion problems, as well as problems regarding her deadbeat dad.
Score: 4.7

17) Apocalypse Cow
Bart becomes a member of the 4H club, where he grows attached to a cow that's going to be slaughtered.
Score: 5.0

18) Any Given Sundance
Principal Skinner encourages Lisa to pursue filmmaking.  She films the Simpsons in their everyday life, which gets accepted to the Sundance Film Festival.
Score: 6.0

19) Mona Leaves-a
Mona Simpson returns to finally settle down with the family, but Homer has been hurt twice already by her, and refuses to forgive her.  Then she dies.
Score: 6.5

20) All About Lisa
Sideshow Mel narrates a tale detailing Lisa's rise to stardom and the addiction that is fame.  He also shares a story about Homer and Bart collecting coins for some reason.
Score: 7.3

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