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The Simpsons: Season 10 Episode List

Season 10 is the second season to be run by Mike Scully, who ran most but not all of Season 9, thus making this season his first full season as showrunner.  Season 10 marks the first real dip in quality for the series, as while there are still a few gems to be found, many of the episodes here just aren't as funny as the episodes that preceded it.

This season has plenty of guest stars, some of which were really good (Mark Hamill, Stephen Hawking), while others were just kinda shoehorned in ("Hey!  It's Dolly Parton/Jack LaLanne/Alec Baldwin and pals!").  The season is also the lowest scoring season overall since Season 1, pretty much indicating that the "golden age" of the Simpsons has ended.

Season 10 Overall Score: 7.88
Favorite Season 10 Episode: Lisa Gets an A
Least Favorite Season 10 Episode: Simpsons Bible Stories

01) Lard of the Dance
As Homer starts up a new scheme involving grease, a new student at school acts too "grown up" for Lisa to handle.
Score: 8.9

02) The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace
Suffering a mid-life crisis, Homer eventually decides to become an inventor like his new hero Thomas Edison.
Score: 8.0

03) Bart the Mother
Accidentally shooting a bird with Nelson's BB gun, Bart tries to make up for it by hatching the bird's eggs.  What's actually in the eggs is a surprise!
Score: 8.4

04) Treehouse of Horror IX
Hell Toupée: Homer gets Snake's vengeful, possessive hair.
The Terror of Tiny Toon: Bart and Lisa end up in Itchy & Scratchy's cartoon.
Starship Poopers: Maggie is actually Kang's daughter.
Score: 8.1

05) When You Dish Upon a Star
Homer stumbles upon Alec Baldwin, Kim Bassinger and (later) Ron Howard.  They tell him to keep their presence secret, of course he doesn't.
Score: 6.6

06) D'oh-in in the Wind
Upon learning his middle name, Homer decides to follow in his mother's legacy (poorly) by becoming a hippy.  An annoying hippy, at that.
Score: 6.5

07) Lisa Gets an "A"
While sick, Lisa gets addicted to a video game.  Forgetting to read a book because of that, she resorts to cheating, and gets an A+++.  Meanwhile, Homer takes a liking to a lobster.
Score: 9.2

08) Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble"
Being fully responsible for having Grampa's kidneys explode, Homer donates one to him.  Upon learning what a kidney donation entails, Homer becomes very afraid.
Score: 8.3

09) Mayored to the Mob
After rescuing Mark Hamill and Mayor Quimby from nerds at a convention, Quimby hires Homer to be his bodyguard.
Score: 8.5

10) Viva Ned Flanders
Ned is 60 and looking good.  He credits it to his boring life, but upon realizing that isn't so great, he asks Homer for help to excite his life.  Then the two go to Las Vegas.
Score: 8.2

11) Wild Barts Can't Be Broken
Kids are blamed for crashing the school, and as such a curfew is set for kids.  They get back at adults by sharing secrets about them, secretly.
Score: 7.8

12) Sunday, Cruddy Sunday
With the help of a buddy who is a travel agent, Homer goes to the Super Bowl with a group of other guys.  Featuring lots of guest stars.
Score: 7.7

13) Homer to the Max
Homer is initially overjoyed when a cool TV police cop shares his name.  However, when that cop is rewritten as a bumbling oaf, Homer is forced to drastic measures to avoid shame.
Score: 9.0

14) I'm with Cupid
Manjula is upset with Apu for prioritizing work over his wife.  With Valentine's Day a week away, Apu makes up for it with daily acts of love, putting other men such as Homer in doghouses.
Score: 7.9

15) Marge Simpson in: "Screaming Yellow Honkers"
Homer accidentally buys an SUV designed for women.  Marge takes a liking to it, but becomes so aggressive while driving it, she succumbs to the villain of road rage.
Score: 8.0

16) Make Room for Lisa
Lisa's relationship with Homer is strained immensely when Homer's bumbling results in a comm tower being built in Lisa's room.  Marge uses the comm tower to eavesdrop on phone calls.
Score: 7.0

17) Maximum Homerdrive
Homer challenges a trucker to a steak-eating contest and loses.  The trucker dies, though, so Homer decides to make that trucker's final shipment.
Score: 7.5

18) Simpsons Bible Stories
Marge's Dream: she's Adam and Eve's Eve.
Lisa's Dream: she guides Milhou- Moses as he liberates the Israelites.
Homer's Dream: as King Solomon, Homer solves a puzzle.
Bart's Dream: as King David, he loses to Goliath's son, Goliath 2.
Score: 5.9

19) Mom and Pop Art
Homer's massively failed attempt to build a barbecue pit is hailed as art, so Homer becomes a professional artist.
Score: 7.8

20) The Old Man and the "C" Student
Bart costs Springfield the Olympics, and is subsequently forced to do community service at the retirement home.
Score: 8.1

21) Monty Can't Buy Me Love
Jealous that another billionaire is both beloved and popular, Mr. Burns makes efforts to do the same, enlisting Homer for help.
Score: 8.2

22) They Saved Lisa's Brain
Lisa is invited to join the Springfield chapter of Mensa.  The group in one way or another becomes leader of the town, but power corrupts even them.  Guest starring Stephen Hawking.
Score: 8.0

23) Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo
Through some crafty saving, the Simpsons go on a vacation to Japan.  Then they spend themselvs so silly they don't have any money left to go home.  Go figure.
Score: 7.7

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