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The Simpsons: Season 2 Episode List

Season 2 was a vital season towards the future success of the series.  There are a lot of episodes in here that strong define not just family members like Lisa, Homer, or Grampa, but also a lot of the supporting cast as well, like Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner or Wayland Smithers.  There's also a distinct change early on where the humor shifts from the observational type seen in Season 1 to the more character-driven kind seen in later episodes.  In all, it begins a steady rise for the series, and its not going to fall any time soon.

Season 2 Overall Score:  8.02
Favorite Season 2 Episode: The Way We Was
Least Favorite Season 2 Episode: Bart Gets Hit by a Car

1) Bart Gets an F
Faced with the possibility of being held back, Bart stops at nothing to try and not fail his next history test.
Score: 7.9

2) Simpson and Delilah
After Homer acquires a "miracle breakthrough" hair solution that finally restores his hair, he gets promoted to a junior executive.  As he and his new secretary Karl rise up the ranks, his hair (and his means of obtaining it) may become his undoing.
Score: 8.3

3) Treehouse of Horror
The first episode of an annual tradition.  Three Halloween-themed tales are told.
Bad Dream House: a haunted house tries to either kill the Simpsons or least get them off itself
Haunted are the Damned: Kang and Kodos take the Simpsons to their home planet, feeding them along the way.
The Raven: James Earl Jones retells Poe's classic with Simpsons characters in the title's roles.
Score: 8.8

4) Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish
With his nuclear plant in hot water, Mr. Burns runs for Governor, creating a political divide in the Simpsons household.
Score: 7.3

5) Dancin' Homer
Homer tells the tale of how he became a minor league mascot who got a shot at the major leagues.
Score: 7.5

6) Dead Putting Society
Homer, angry at his apparently perfect neighbor Ned Flanders, has Bart take on Todd Flanders in a mini-golf tournament, where the loser may or may not embarrass themselves.
Score: 8.0

7) Bart vs. Thanksgiving
Bart ruins Lisa's craft at Thankgiving dinner.  After being sent to his room for a reason he can't comprehend, Bart runs away and has his Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless relief center.
Score: 7.7

8) Bart the Daredevil
After seeing a daredevil complete a jump at a monster truck rally, Bart decides to become one too.
Score: 8.4

9) Itchy & Scratchy & Marge
Seeing just how bad an influence Itchy & Scratchy can be, Marge leads a campaign to eliminate cartoon violence.
Score: 7.9

10) Bart Gets Hit by a Car
After the titular occurrence, Lionel Hutz convinces Homer to sue the car's driver: the ever rich Mr. Burns, lying about Bart's injuries to do so.  In the way: the ever moral Marge Simpson.
Score: 7.0

11) One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish
At a sushi bar, Homer is told he ate the poisonous portion of a blowfish and is given 22 hours to live.  He tries to live those last hours the best he can.
Score: 8.2

12) The Way We Was
In the first flashback episode of the series, Homer and Marge tell the kids of when they first met and fell in love.
Score: 9.2

13) Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment
Homer steals cable.  Later, Lisa learns that stealing sends people to hell!  Thereafter, she tries to convince Homer to stop stealing cable.
Score: 7.7

14) Principal Charming
With Selma desperate for a man, Homer and Marge try to set her up with Principal Skinner.  Then, Skinner falls in love with Patty.  Ah well, that's life.
Score: 7.7

15) Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Homer learns about, finds, then promptly ruins the business of his long-lost half-brother.
Score: 8.0

16) Bart's Dog Gets an F
While tearing up everything in the house, Santa's Little Helper is sent to obedience school.  If he doesn't pass, he'll be given away.  The pressure!
Score: 7.9

17) Old Money
Grampa has a relationship with an elderly woman.  She dies shortly thereafter, leaving Grampa over a hundred thousand dollars.
Score: 7.8

18) Brush with Greatness
Marge's love of painting is rekindled, and then she agrees to paint a portrait of Mr. Burns.  Its time for deep artistry!
Score: 8.3

19) Lisa's Substitute
Lisa's class gets a wonderful substitute teacher who stimulates Lisa in so many ways, but you know how substitutes come and go.  Meanwhile, Bart runs for class president.
Score: 8.5

20) The War of the Simpsons
Their marriage at risk, Homer and Marge go to a retreat to work things out.  Homer wants to get in a little fishing on the side though.  Meanwhile, the kids abuse their babysitter, Grampa.
Score: 8.4

21) Three Men and a Comic Book
Desperate to own Radioactive Man #1, Bart pools together with Martin and Milhouse to buy the $100 comic book, which the three are unable to share with one another.
Score: 7.6

22) Blood Feud
Bart gives Mr. Burns some life-saving blood, but when Mr. Burns sends only a thank you note in gratitude, Homer's "reply" causes a lot of trouble.
Score: 8.3

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