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The Simpsons: Season 26 Episode List

Season 26 follows a season, 25, which was one of the strongest in years, one episode aside.  However, Season 26 acts as a reverse of 25, where most of the season is very poor except one really good episode was around to salvage things

Going in, I considered this season a "gimmick" season, in that many of the plots in this season I figured were going to be gimmicky.  The season premiere had a character die, there was a crossover episode, a non-Halloween episode featuring the Rigelian aliens, an episode written by "comedy legend" Judd Apatow almost 25 years ago, stuff like that.

Overall, though, the season suffered from the usual suspects that plague modern Simpsons: poor humor, pointless referencing, poor guest spots, poor humor, its pretty much all here.  It says a lot when the best the season has to offer comes from a different show (the Futurama crossover).

To note, the overall score is the second lowest amongst all seasons, only better than the localized disaster area that was Season 23.

Season 26 Overall Score: 6.40
Favorite Season 26 Episode: Simpsorama
Least Favorite Season 26 Episode: Mathlete's Feat

1) Clown in the Dumps
Krusty comes to believe he's really unfunny.  He goes to his father for advice, but he dies while telling Krusty he's "eh".  What's a clown to do?
Score: 6.6

2) The Wreck of the Relationship
Homer and Bart are so against each other, Marge has the two forced onto a father-son relationship building boat.  In the meantime, Marge also takes care of Homer's fantasy football team.
Score: 7.3

3) Super Franchise Me
Marge opens up a sandwich chain!  That's the episode!
Score: 6.8

4) Treehouse of Horror XXV
School is Hell: Bart takes a liking to a school located in hell.
A Clockwork Yellow: Stanley Kubrick references everywhere.
The Others: The Simpsons meet the ghosts of Simpsons past.
Score: 6.1

5) Opposites A-frack
Mr. Burns' hidden fracking operation gets found out, and Lisa brings in a liberal congresswoman to put a stop to it.  During that political battle, the two become passionate lovers.  ...yep.
Score: 7.3

6) Simpsorama
Bender, from Futurama, and eventually the rest of the Planet Express crew head to the past to kill Homer Simpson for something that was actually Bart's fault.
Score: 8.3

7) Blazed and Confused
Bart's new teacher, Jack Lassen, is a psychopath.  In retaliation, Bart goes after the thing Lassen is most fond of: "Blazing Guy", convincing Homer to take the family there in lieu of an actual camping trip.
Score: 6.6

8) Covercraft
Homer and four other dads create a cover band, with Apu's unique singing voice leading the way.  When Apu gets and takes a better opportunity, Homer is left super envious.
Score: 6.0

9) I Won't Be Home for Christmas
Marge kicks Homer out after he comes home super late on Christmas Eve.  As Homer goes on an odd, sad adventure, Marge learns Moe's at fault and goes out to find and apologize to her husband.
Score: 6.1

10) The Man Who Came to Be Dinner
While not having fun at a theme park, the Simpson family is abducted by the Rigelian aliens where they continue to not have fun.
Score: 4.1

11) Bart's New Friend
Written by a young Judd Apatow, Homer is hypnotized to be 10 years old, and stuck that way.  He eventually becomes Bart's best friend.
Score: 7.2

12) The Musk Who Fell to Earth
Well-renowned entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk comes to Springfield looking for ideas, and gets them from the ever-so-random Homer Simpson.
Score: 6.1

13) Walking Big & Tall
After Lisa and Bart write a new hit anthem for Springfield, Homer deals with his weight problems by (accidentally) joining a fat acceptance group.
Score: 6.1

14) My Fare Lady
Marge learns about a service where she can be a cabbie without getting a license!  Meanwhile, Moe's "pals" wreck his bar, but make up for it by letting him be the nuclear plant's new janitor.
Score: 6.7

15) The Princess Guide
As Mr. Burns sets up an uranium deal with a Nigerian king, Homer is forced to guard the king's daughter.  Of course, she starts to become enamored with a suspicious Moe.
Score: 6.6

16) Sky Police
Chief Wiggum's jetpack escapades ultimately leads to the church getting damaged, leaving Marge and other church patrons no other choice but to card-count at a casino to earn funding.
Score: 7.5

17) Waiting for Duffman
Injury forces Duffman to retire, and in a subsequent contest Homer ends up becoming a new Duffman.  The job requires Homer to be sober, causing him to reflect on, well, Duff.
Score: 6.1

18) Peeping Mom
Marge tries to get Bart to confess to stealing a bulldozer by constantly watching him in hopes he'll break.  Meanwhile, Flanders' new dog takes a liking to Homer.
Score: 7.0

19) The Kids are All Fight
Homer and Marge recall that, six years ago, Bart and Lisa were always fighting one another.  How did that, uh, lessen?
Score: 5.8

20) Let's Go Fly a Coot
Air Force vets who recognize Grampa "help" Homer treat Abe with more respect.  Later, as Bart is wooed by Milhouse's Dutch cousin and her e-cigs, Abe tells a story to help the boy out.
Score: 6.3

21) Bull-E
After Bart gets bullied again, Marge gets the town to enact heavy anti-bullying laws.  Homer then gets arrested for his continued bullying of Ned Flanders.
Score: 6.1

22) Mathlete's Feat
The elementary school gets a big technology upgrade which gets ruined when everything overloads.  Instead, Groundskeeper Willie and Lisa helps the school learn with ancient Scottish methods.
Score: 4.0

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