Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Simpsons: Season 22 Episode List

Season 22 continues a mini-rebound for the series.  While the couch gags get much longer and less funny, the episodes themselves have reached a level of consistency that it hasn't seen in a long time.  That's not to say the episode have gotten really good again, most of them still rate below a 7, but for the first time since Season 10, there isn't an episode rated lower than a 5.  Hell, there isn't even an episode rated lower than a 6, a first since Season 9.  Of course, unlike last season, there isn't an episode this season that rated higher than an 8.  So, there is more consistency this season, but the overall quality still hasn't returned.

Season 22 Overall Score: 6.87
Favorite Season 22 Episode: A Midsummer's Nice Dream
Least Favorite Season 22 Episode: The Ned-Liest Catch

01) Elementary School Musical
Lisa is depressed Bart and Maggie get to do fun things, so Marge makes it up to her by taking her to Performance Arts camp.  Meanwhile, Bart and Homer go with Krusty to Europe in their own wacky adventure.
Score: 7.6

02) Loan-a Lisa
The Simpsons gets $50 each from Grampa, and Lisa decides to invest it in a bike repair business Nelson is trying to start up.  Meanwhile, Homer gets a thrill buying and returning expensive wares.
Score: 6.3

03) MoneyBART
To pick up extracurriculars for her Yale resume, Lisa becomes manager of Bart's little league baseball team, using stats-based Sabrmetrics to win, taking the fun out of it for Bart.
Score: 7.0

04) Treehouse of Horror XXI
War and Pieces: an evil board game turns other board games into real life.
Master and Cadaver: Homer and Marge are involved in a horror plot at sea.
Tweenlight: Lisa falls in love with a young vampire boy, but both are embarrassed by their fathers.
Score: 7.3

05) Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life
Lisa learns Marge was just as smart as she was when Marge was young, but her grades dropped when Homer came into her life.  Lisa vows to avoid that fate.
Score: 7.1

06) The Fool Monty
Mr. Burns only has a few weeks to live, and tries to end his life on his own terms.  He survives, but loses his memory and mind, something the town gladly exploits for the purposes of vengeance.
Score: 7.0

07) How Munched is That Birdie in the Window?
A pigeon crashes into the house, and Bart mends it back to health.  The pigeon becomes Bart's beloved pet, until another pet of his gets a little hungry...
Score: 6.9

08) The Fight Before Christmas
Four Simpsons have various Christmas dreams, including Bart getting what he's owed by Santa, Lisa angry about trees, Marge getting help from Martha Stewart, and Maggie imagining everyone as puppets except Katy Perry whom Maggie imagines as fully real for some reason.
Score: 6.7

09) Donnie Fatso
A series of unfortunate circumstances leaves Homer in jail, unless he agrees to become a mob informant.  He does so, but he becomes true friends with Fat Tony.
Score: 6.4

10) Moms I'd Like to Forget
After seeing another boy with the same sword-shaped scar as him, Bart learns from Marge that the boys were playmates when they were little while Marge and some other moms were best of friends.
Score: 7.0

11) Flaming Moe
Smithers, looking for Mr. Burns' respect, convinces Moe to turn his once-again struggling tavern into a gay bar.  Meanwhile, Principal Skinner falls in love with a free spirited substitute teacher.
Score: 6.7

12) Homer the Father
Homer takes cues from an 80s sitcom to be a better father for a mostly confused Bart.
Score: 7.8

13) The Blue and the Gray
Marge "remembers" that her hair is now naturally gray and decides to give that a whirl.  Meanwhile, Moe makes Homer his wingman.
Score: 6.6

14) Angry Dad: The Movie
Bart's old web cartoon Angry Dad is being made into a movie, and this time Homer gets to provide his own voice.  When the eventual short film starts winning awards, though, Homer takes all the credit.
Score: 6.9

15) The Scorpion's Tale
Lisa creates a drug which has the unintended side effect of calming cranky seniors.  Homer, with some help, is able to synthesize more of the drug, but it has nasty side effects.
Score: 7.1

16) A Midsummer's Nice Dream
When stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong break up, Homer takes over as Cheech's Chong, but real life Cheech is nothing like Homer expected.  Also, Marge takes up the fun activity of hoarding.
Score: 7.9

17) Love Is a Many Strangled Thing
Homer accidentally tickles Bart so hard at a football game, Bart ends up wetting his pants.  Homer makes up for it by getting therapy, where he's forced to confront his love of strangling Bart.
Score: 6.7

18) The Great Simpsina
Lisa becomes the apprentice of a famed magician, but loses his trust when she gives away his biggest secret.
Score: 6.5

19) The Real Housewives of Fat Tony
Selma and Fat Tony fall in love, but Marge doesn't appreciate how Selma is treating her this time around.  Meanwhile, Lisa learns Bart can hunt for truffles.
Score: 6.8

20) Homer Scissorhands
Homer learns he has a natural ability to cut hair, particularly for women.  He opens up a salon, then learns he has no ability to listen to women complain about their husbands.  Also, Lisa gets jealous of Milhouse's new girlfriend.
Score: 6.5

21) 500 Keys
The Simpsons uncover a drawer full of keys, and each member goes on adventures with at least one key, the most prominent of which is Lisa uncovering a conspiracy at the school.
Score: 6.2

22) The Ned-Liest Catch
Ned Flanders and Edna Krabappel start dating, but Ned starts to reconsider when he learns of Edna's loose past.  Will the two stay together?  You decide! ...years ago.
Score: 6.1

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