Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Simpsons: Season 4 Episode List

Season 4 is, perhaps, the best season The Simpsons has had or may ever have.  This is perhaps a bold statement to say as, at the time of this writing I haven't gotten into Season 5 or 6 or so on, and the show still hasn't ended yet.  However, as you'll look below, the lowest rated episode of this season has a higher score than the highest scored episode from Season 1.  Indeed, the supposed Golden Age of The Simpsons hits its peak here, and though the season's that follow it can be considered plateaus just a couple of feet lower than the peak, the fact that all 22 episodes in this season are top notch can hardly be disputed.  It doesn't get better than this.

Season 4 Overall Score: 9.30
Favorite Season 4 Episode: Marge vs. the Monorail
Least Favorite Season 4 Episode: A Streetcar Named Marge

01) Kamp Krusty
Bart and Lisa go to the title camp for the summer, but its broken down, ran by a shady man and Krusty is nowhere in sight.
Score: 9.1

02) A Streetcar Named Marge
Marge tries out for the play A Streetcar Named Desire.  Homer doesn't care throughout the episode.  Also, Maggie goes to a daycare that frowns on pacifiers.
Score: 8.4

03) Homer the Heretic
Refusing to go to church one Sunday, Homer ends up having the best day of his life.  Naturally, he wants to skip church permanently from then on.
Score: 10

04) Lisa the Beauty Queen
With Lisa feeling down because of her looks, Homer enrolls her into a beauty pageant.  Lisa gets 2nd place, but is given the crown when the winner is injured.
Score: 9.6

05) Treehouse of Horror III
Clown Without Pity: Homer buys a cursed Krusty the Klown talking doll which tries to kill him.
King Homer: A King Kong parody with Homer as the big ape.
Dial "Z" for Zombies: Bart accidentally summons zombies, who infect the town.
Score: 10

06) Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie
Homer punishes Bart for a misdeed by barring him from seeing the defining movie of Bart's generation.
Score: 8.7

07) Marge Gets a Job
Marge gets a job to help pay to fix the house's foundation.  The place?  The nuclear power plant, where Mr. Burns gains an infatuation with her.
Score: 8.8

08) New Kid on the Block
Bart falls in love with a teenage girl, but is devasted to learn Jimbo Jones is her boyfriend.  Also: Homer sues an all you can eat fish restaurant when he could not eat all he could eat.
Score: 9.4

09) Mr. Plow
With both cars out of action, Homer buys a plow truck with the plan to plow driveways to pay it off.  It works fine for awhile... until Barney enters the plow business too.
Score: 8.9

10) Lisa's First Word
Trying to get Maggie to talk, Marge tells the story of Lisa's first word and the events leading up to it.
Score: 8.5

11) Homer's Triple Bypass
Needing surgery to clear a blockage near his heart, Homer has no choice but to go with the very affordable but rather shady Dr. Nick.
Score: 9.2

12) Marge vs. the Monorail
After getting $3 million from Mr. Burns in a court case, the town gets scammed by a traveling salesman into getting a monorail.  Marge catches onto the scheme, but can she stop it before its too late?
Score: 10

13) Selma's Choice
Desperate to avoid loneliness (again), Selma decides to have a baby.  After spending a day with Bart and Lisa at Duff Gardens, she reconsiders that decision.
Score: 8.7

14) Brother from the Same Planet
Angry at Homer, Bart decides to take advantage of a non-profit "Big Brother" company to get someone who'll spend time with him.  Upon learning of this, Homer does it, too.
Score: 9.5

15) I Love Lisa
Out of pity, Lisa gives Ralph Wiggum a Valentine's Day card.  Taking it as a sign of love, Ralph goes out of his way to court Lisa.
Score: 9.4

16) Duffless
Arrested for DWI and his driving license revoked, Homer is swayed by Marge to go a month without beer.  Meanwhile, its Bart vs. Lisa in the science fair!
Score: 10

17) Last Exit to Springfield
Needing to retain a dental plan so that Lisa can get braces, Homer becomes the head of the plant's union.
Score: 10

18) So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show
After an April Fools Day prank by Bart on Homer goes horribly wrong, viewers get April Fooled with a bunch of old clips.  Everybody's fooled!
Score: 8.7

19) The Front
After seeing a rather poor Itchy & Scratchy cartoon, Bart and Lisa write their own, using Grampa's name as a writing credit so that it'll be taken seriously.
Score: 9.2

20) Whacking Day
After his latest stunt gets him expelled, Bart learns the true meaning behind Whacking Day, a Springfield holiday where people whack snakes.
Score: 9.8

21) Marge in Chains
Marge accidentally shoplifts a bottle of bourbon, and is sentenced to jail for 30 days.  How will the family, no, the town survive?
Score: 9.5

22) Krusty Gets Kancelled
A viral marketing campaign by a ventriloquist act succeeds tremendously, leaving Krusty unable to compete.
Score: 9.2

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