Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Simpsons: Season 24 Episode List

Season 24 is an improvement over the disaster that was Season 23, but its still by no means a good season.  Aside from a few decent episodes, several clunkers drag the season down with no real good episodes to cancel that out.

Also, I'm not sure when this started, but Matt Selman has been credited as showrunner for a few episodes both this and last season and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a "changing of the guard" that may or may not happen in years to come where Selman takes over for Al Jean.  Selman, whose written episodes I felt were hit-or-miss early on, has mostly written underwhelming episodes since, including last season's The Food Wife, and this season's The Day the Earth Stood Cool and Gorgeous Grampa.  So, if he does take over for Jean, it probably won't mean much good in the grand scheme of things.

Season 24 Overall Score: 6.49

Favorite Season 24 Episode: Dark Knight Court
Least Favorite Season 24 Episode: Love is a Many-Splintered Thing

01) Moonshine River
Lisa reminds Bart that his girlfriends end up hating him after a week or so.  Bart tries to prove her wrong, going to New York to eventually do so by finding not-really-previous-girlfriend Mary Spuckler.
Score: 6.4

02) Treehouse of Horror XXIII
The Greatest Story Ever Holed: People keep throwing junk into an expanding black hole.
Unnormal Activity: Demonic things happen in the Simpson home, and Marge knows why.
Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure: Bart goes to the past, ends up making his present better.
Score: 7.4

03) Adventures in Baby-Getting
Marge is forced to get a new car, but when it has only enough room for three kids, she tries to get Homer to conceive a fourth child.
Score: 6.1

04) Gone Abie Gone
Grampa goes missing, and Homer and Marge end up revealing a previously unknown part of Grampa's past while looking for him.
Score: 5.8

05) Penny-Wiseguys
A previously unknown acquaintance of Homer's is also the mafia's accountant, forced to take over Fat Tony's job as he goes to jury duty.  Meanwhile, Lisa starts eating bugs for their precious iron.
Score: 7.3

06) A Tree Grows in Springfield
A depressed Homer finds some happiness in a "MyPad", but when that breaks Homer finds new hope in a tree with the word "hope" etched in maple syrup.
Score: 5.4

07) The Day the Earth Stood Cool
Homer befriends a "cool" new person whom he sets up to move right next door to.  As Homer becomes more and more "cool", Marge and Bart aren't as impressed with the "cool" family.
Score: 6.4

08) To Cur with Love
Homer shows definite disdain towards Santa's Little Helper, and Grampa reveals why, telling the story of Homer's first dog: Bongo.
Score: 7.5

09) Homer Goes to Prep School
After experiencing the worst of human kind during a crisis, a traumatized Homer gets help from a survivalist "prepper" who helps Homer prepare for an "end of the world" scenario.
Score: 7.2

10) A Test Before Trying
With increased electricty prices, the school district must shut down a school - one with the lowest test scores.  Bart Simpson is the difference between Springfield Elementary being last or second to last.
Score: 6.4

11) The Changing of the Guardian
After a near death experience, Homer and Marge decide to find guardians for the kids in case they actually do die.  The process is more complicated than they expected.
Score: 7.0

12) Love is a Many-Splintered Thing
Mary Spuckler returns to Springfield, and starts going out with a rather indifferent Bart until she gets tired of Bart's indifference.
Score: 3.9

13) Hardly Kirk-ing
Bart learns that Milhouse can look and sound just like his father Kirk, if his hair is cut like Kirk's and he wears a tie straightened enough to affect his vocal chords.
Score: 6.5

14) Gorgeous Grampa
The family learns Grampa was a "villain" wrestling back in the 50s, but Mr. Burns convinces Grampa to come back to wrestling, much to Bart's adulation.
Score: 6.0

15) Black Eyed, Please
Ned becomes so frustrated with Homer he punches his neighbor right in the eye.  Meanwhile, Lisa is bullied by her substitute teacher.
Score: 6.9

16) Dark Knight Court
As Bart gets blamed for an Easter prank - and might actually be innocent of doing - Mr. Burns become so nostalgic of comic books he turns himself into a comic book hero (with Smithers' help).
Score: 7.7

17) What Animated Women Want
Homer has trouble getting an angry Marge to forgive him, and Milhouse starts acting like a jerk to Lisa to get her to like him which actually works.
Score: 6.7

18) Pulpit Friction
A new Reverend gets people to enjoy church after he uses references to relate to them.  Furthering this end, he makes Homer the church Deacon, annoying several people in the process.
Score: 7.0

19) Whiskey Business
Moe's latest bout with depression lead to Marge and Homer buying him a new suit which improves both his outlook on life, and his actual life as well.
Score: 5.1

20) The Fabulous Faker Boy
Bart takes up piano lessons to spend time with an attractive older girl, faking piano recitals to gain her fame in hopes she'll love him back.
Score: 6.0

21) The Saga of Carl
Homer, Moe, Lenny and Carl win the lottery together, but Carl disappears with the ticket.  The other three give chase, taking them to Carl's home country of Iceland.
Score: 7.1

22) Dangers on a Train
Homer salvages a kiddie train he and Marge rode on during their 1st anniversary and plans to rebuild it and surprise it to Marge for their 10th.  Marge, though, picks up the wrong idea.
Score: 7.0

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