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The Simpsons: Season 28 Episode List

Can you believe this is the 16th season under Al Jean and his zombie-tier writing staff?  Think about the first two seasons, the supposed "golden age", however long you think it lasted, and then the four seasons under Mike Scully in which it crumbled.  That, altogether, was only 12 seasons.  Can you imagine that there'll likely be two, three, maybe even more seasons of this show with the exact same people running and writing it?  Well, guess what?  It sucked!

Its overall score of 6.39 just edges out Season 26 as the second worst-scored season of the series (though nowhere near the disaster of Season 23, still).  A couple of good episodes save it from a worse fate, but overall the bulk of the episodes from this season struggle to achieve mediocrity.

And remember!  No notable major staff or editorial changes for next season!  Again!  For the 16th time!

Season 28 Overall Score: 6.39
Favorite Season 28 Episode: A Father's Watch
Least Favorite Season 28 Episode: Fatzcarraldo

1) Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus
Fueled by a desire to avenge a failed performance as a child, Mr. Burns hosts a children's variety show, while Homer and pals take full advantage of Burns' absence at the plant.
Score: 6.1

2) Friends and Family
Mr. Burns acquires VR technology and uses it to start a virtual family, using the Simpsons as motion capture actors.  Homer is left out, but spends his free time with a new female friend.
Score: 5.8

3) The Town
Mad at Boston's football team, and Bart's bandwagoning of said team, Homer takes the family to Boston in the hopes that everyone will hate it.
Score: 7.0

4) Treehouse of Horror XXVII
Dry Hard: a terrible Hunger Games reference of a segment.
BFF/R.I.P.: Lisa's imaginary friend is killing her real friends.
Moefinger: Moe and pals are spies, who recruit Bart to take Homer's place.
Score: 6.4

5) Trust But Clarify
Kent Brockman is fired for being a liar, but when Lisa's anti-Krusty story won't be accepted by the corrupt media, to whom can she turn?  (its not that dramatic, or funny)
Score: 5.9

6) There Will Be Buds
Mistaking Homer's gesture of aid as friendship, Kirk coerces Homer into helping him build and coach a youth lacrosse team.
Score: 7.1

7) Havana Wild Weekend
The Simpsons go to Cuba to help an ailing Grampa, who is rejuvenated by Cuba's nostalgic ruin.
Score: 5.7

8) Dad Behavior
Homer's app escapades ends up with him being pals with Milhouse, and Bart with Milhouse's father.  Also Grampa might have gotten a lady pregnant.
Score: 6.9

9) The Last Traction Hero
Homer gets hurt at work, and tries to sue.  Smithers tries to befriend Marge to get a waiver signed, but Marge takes Smithers' attempts a little too well.  Also Lisa becomes a hall monitor, like you care.
Score: 6.2

10) The Nightmare After Krustmas
Krusty's commercialism gets his daughter to hate him again so he decides to convert to Christianity for her.  Meanwhile, Maggie deals with an Elf on the Shelf knockoff.
Score: 5.8

11) Pork and Burns
Marge gets the family to clean up based on whether items bring you joy.  This causes Lisa to fall apart while Homer spends new quality time with his movie pig, Plopper aka Spider-Pig.
Score: 7.0

12) The Great Phatsby: Part One
In Part One, a rap mogul whose ruthlessness is thanks to Mr. Burns is able to gets Mr. Burns to spend himself broke.
Score: 6.4

13) The Great Phatsby: Part Two
In Part Two, Burns attempts to get revenge at said rap mogul for the events of Part One.  Also Marge gets a little shop crazy!
Score: 6.6

14) Fatzcarraldo
Homer rediscovers a chili dog stand he loved as a kid.
Score: 5.3

15) The Cad and the Hat
Bart is haunted by guilt after tossing Lisa's treasured hat.  Meanwhile, its revealed that Homer is good at chess.
Score: 5.7

16) Kamp Krustier
A direct sequel to Kamp Krusty, the kids are traumatized by a specific event and Homer is traumatized because he can't get any because the kids are so traumatized!  Trauma drama! (I'm sorry)
Score: 6.5

17) 22 for 30
Set up as a sports documentary, it highlights a basketball point shaving scandal featuring Bart.
Score: 5.8

18) A Father's Watch
As Springfield falls for the participation trophy fad, Bart gets the family pocket watch from Grampa.
Score: 8.0

19) Caper Chase
Burns opens up a for-profit university and his nuclear plant employees, Homer included, has to teach there.
Score: 6.5

20) Looking for Mr. Goodbart
Bart realizes being a fake grandson to old ladies is profitable.  Homer realizes Pokemon Go ripoffs are still popular enough in his world for him to enjoy.
Score: 6.0

21) Moho House
Mr. Burns' wealthy friend wagers that he can break Homer and Marge up.  Homer and Marge give him a head start!
Score: 7.3

22) Dogtown
Homer opting to hit Gil instead of his dog with a car makes dogs so popular in Springfield that they take the town over.
Score: 6.6

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