Friday, April 12, 2013

The Simpsons: Season 14 Episode List

Season 14 is the first full season under showrunner-for-life Al Jean.  Season 14 is notable in that the series shifts to digital animation full time during this season after testing it out twice previously.

As for the episodes themselves, it seems that the theme starting this season is that quality is the exception.  Some similarities between the lesser episodes are that the episodes start off strong with good jokes, but once they begin on their main plots, it seems like telling the story takes priority over making quality jokes (also, the few jokes that are there aren't that funny either).  Its also the first season whose overall score is below 7, and with the next few seasons containing some of my least favorite episodes, I don't see much improvement in the near future.

Season 14 Overall Score: 6.96

Favorite Season 14 Episode: The Dad Who Knew Too Little
Least Favorite Season 14 Episode: A Star Is Born Again

01) Treehouse of Horror XIII
Send in the Clones: Homer buys a hammock that doubles as a cloning machine.
The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms: Lisa gets guns banned, Springfield gets overrun by gun-toting zombies.
The Island of Dr. Hibbert: Hibbert has gone mad and is turning everyone into animals.
Score: 6.7

02) How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
Homer reveals that his family has kept him from his dream of being a rock star.  Feeling sorry for him, I guess?, his family decides to take him to Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp.
Score: 5.9

03) Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade
The results of an achievement test move Lisa up to the third grade, while sending Bart back down to the third grade.  Hijinks ensue.
Score: 7.2

04) Large Marge
In some attempt to remain attractive, Marge goes to get liposuction, only to accidentally get breast implants instead.  Meanwhile, Krusty is in hot water again.
Score: 7.2

05) Helter Shelter
Termites invade the Simpson home, and the fumigation causes them to lose it for six months.  To pass the time, the family goes on a reality show to live in a house 1895-style.
Score: 5.0

06) The Great Louse Detective
Someone is trying to kill Homer, so Chief Wiggum has Homer team up with a criminal to sniff him out.  That criminal?  Sideshow Bob.
Score: 7.8

07) Special Edna
Edna becomes depressed when Principal Skinner prioritizes his mother over her.  Bart cheers her up by nominating her for teacher of the year.
Score: 6.8

08) The Dad Who Knew Too Little
Homer is ashamed over how little he knows about Lisa, and hires a private detective to dig up facts about Lisa he can use, albeit at a large price.
Score: 8.3

09) Strong Arms of the Ma
300th episode.  After being mugged, Marge develops a fear of going outside, a fear she ultimately overcomes once she starts lifting weights.
Score: 6.9

10) Pray Anything
Homer believes that Ned Flanders is so successful because of prayer, and decides to start praying himself, sparking a series of sacrilegious events.
Score: 6.7

11) Barting Over
Bart learns he was a popular advertising icon as a baby, but Homer spent all of his ad money.  In retaliation, Bart is able to emancipate himself from his parents.
Score: 7.4

12) I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can
Lisa becomes a spelling sensation, going all the way to the Spellympics where she's faced with a difficult choice.  Meanwhile, Homer loves him some Ribwich.
Score: 7.4

13) A Star Is Born Again
An actress becomes enamored with Ned Flanders and tries to start a relationship with him that goes faster than Ned would like.
Score: 4.3

14) Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington
To combat airplanes flying low over their house, the Simpsons get Krusty elected as their congressman so he can do something about it.
Score: 6.4

15) C.E. D'oh
With the advice of a "Successmanship" course, Homer finds a way to become the owner of the nuclear plant, but soon finds its work too tiring to his liking.
Score: 8.2

16) 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky
Lisa decides on astronomy as her career path, but is upset upon realizing Springfield's bright lights makes stargazing impossible.  Meanwhile, Bart tries to fit in again.
Score: 7.3

17) Three Gays of the Condo
Homer comes to believe Marge despised him when they were younger, but only married him because she was pregnant with Bart.  He can't live with her, so he lives with two gay men instead.
Score: 8.0

18) Dude, Where's My Ranch?
Homer writes a song about hating Flanders, then it gets so popular and overplayed the family decides to go to a dude ranch for a week.
Score: 5.9

19) Old Yeller Belly
Homer denounces his dog when the dog fails to save Homer's life.  When the dog becomes Duff's new mascot, well, Homer is okay with him again.
Score: 8.0

20) Brake My Wife, Please
Homer loses his driver's license.  While Marge starts to go crazy driving people everywhere, Homer comes to enjoy the activity of walking.
Score: 7.3

21) The Bart of War
To keep Bart from being mischievous, Marge puts him into a youth group which she eventually leads.  It comes into conflict with a youth group Milhouse is in, leading to all out war.
Score: 6.3

22) Moe Baby Blues
Moe ends up saving Maggie in an odd series of events.  He gets to spend more time with the baby, until he ends up spending a little too much time with the baby.
Score: 8.1

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