Monday, April 29, 2013

The Simpsons: Season 15 Episode List

Can it get any worse than season 14?  Just barely.  What doesn't help this season at all, beside the crater of awful named "Bart-Mangled Banner", was that only two episodes this season scored 8 or above, compared to five such episodes last season.  Most episodes hovered in the mid 7s, indicating the level of mediocrity the series has now fallen to.

Season 15 Overall Score: 6.94

Favorite Season 15 Episode: Treehouse of Horror XIV
Least Favorite Season 15 Episode: Bart-Mangled Banner

01) Treehouse of Horror XIV
Reaper Madness: Homer kills Death, becomes Death.
Frinkenstein: Professor Frink reanimates his father, who now lusts for organs.
Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off: Bart and Milhouse get ahold of a watch that stops time.
Score: 8.4

02) My Mother the Carjacker
Mona Simpson returns to Springfield, and is able to have the charges against her dismissed.  However, Mr. Burns refuses to let Mona go free, and Homer may have to say goodbye to his mom again.
Score: 7.8

03) The President Wore Pearls
Lisa becomes student body president in hopes of making things better for the school.  However, the school's faculty appeals to her vanity to control her.
Score: 7.5

04) The Regina Monologues
After Bart acquires some good money, the family goes to England both as a thank you to Marge and to help Grampa find a lost love.  Then Homer ruins the vacation, again.
Score: 6.0

05) The Fat and the Furriest
Homer is attacked by a bear.  Not only does he grow a fear of bears, news of the attack makes him a laughing stock.  Homer decides to pull himself together and fight that bear.
Score: 8.1

06) Today I Am a Clown
Krusty reveals he's never had a bar mitzvah, and decides he'll be more faithful to his religion.  Homer benefits by being a fill-in host on Krusty's Saturday show.
Score: 7.5

07) 'Tis the Fifteenth Season
Homer is chided for his selfishness during the Christmas season.  He sets out to be as selfless as possible, drawing the ire of Ned Flanders.
Score: 5.3

08) Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays
After a concert for babies goes disastrously wrong, Lindsey Naegle leads a group of people mentioned in the latter 89% of the title to put a stop to families, which Marge resists.
Score: 7.2

09) I, (D'oh)-Bot
Homer 'builds' Bart a robot that's just him in a metal casing, but an unaware Bart enters it in a robot fighting competition.  Meanwhile, Lisa has several cats die on her.
Score: 7.2

10) Diatribe of a Mad Housewife
Homer ends up getting a job as an ambulance driver, where his neglect of Marge aids her in writing a romance novel featuring everyone's favorite theme: cuckolding.
Score: 7.3

11) Margical History Tour
Marge tells kids inaccurate historical stories.
Henry VIII: He wants a male heir really bad.
Sacagawea: She helps out Lewis and Clark.
Mozart: His demise is plotted by his sister, Salieri?  Wha?
Score: 6.4

12) Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Bart is devastated when Milhouse moves with his mom to Capitol City.  Meanwhile, Homer resorts to panhandling to get Marge the things she likes.
Score: 7.7

13) Smart and Smarter
Its revealed that Maggie apparently has a higher IQ than even Lisa, a fact Lisa has a hard time dealing with.
Score: 7.0

14) The Ziff Who Came to Dinner
A washed up Artie Ziff is allowed to stay at the Simpsons place until he gets back on track.  Hard to do when the guy is wanted for shareholder fraud.
Score: 7.2

15) Co-Dependent's Day
Homer and Marge bond when the two share memories in wine drinking.  Meanwhile, the state of Star Wars is parodied poorly.
Score: 7.1

16) The Wandering Juvie
Bart actually goes to juvenile hall after he gets caught in his latest prank, and he can hardly deal with it.
Score: 7.2

17) My Big Fat Geek Wedding
Mrs. Krabappel learns Skinner isn't into this whole 'wedding' thing, and leaves him on the altar.  While she picks up comic book guy on the rebound, Homer and Marge have marital problems, too.
Score: 5.8

18) Catch 'Em If You Can
Tired of their boring lives with their crazy kids, Homer and Marge sneak off to Miami rather than Dayton, but their kids catch on and follow them.
Score: 5.8

19) Simple Simpson
After seeing Lisa's feelings get destroyed by a guy, Homer dons a disguise and embarrasses that guy with a pie in the face.  As "Pieman", Homer makes a name for himself across town.
Score: 7.7

20) The Way We Weren't
Homer reveals that he kissed a girl that wasn't Marge when he was 10, then Marge reveals that girl Homer kissed was actually Marge.  Then things get awkward.
Score: 7.5

21) Bart-Mangled Banner
A temporary deaf Bart accidentally moons the American flag without realizing it, setting off a huge wave of fear-induced American patriotism.
Score: 3.4

22) Fraudcast News
As Lisa starts up a self-published paper, Mr. Burns buys up all the big media in town after they mock his supposed death.
Score: 7.5

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