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The Simpsons: Season 25 Episode List

Season 25 is frustrating.  Counting the top 21 episodes of the batch, its combined score is about a 7.05 which, if it were just those 21 episodes, or even throw in a 22nd episode scored at a 6 to keep the season score above seven, would've made Season 25 the highest rated season since Season 13.  Season 13 was the last season to be given an overall rating above seven, that's how long its been since there's even been decently consistant quality.

This is because, with one major exception, the season does a better job actually making jokes instead of just making references.  What results is the first season since Season 21 to feature episodes rated eight or higher, and several episodes scored seven or higher, which hadn't really happened in awhile either.

Alas, this season also featured the truly terrible episode Married to the Blob.  It was an episode so filled with pointless comic book, anime, and Japanese references wrapped around a cringeworthy plot, I felt it could rightfully be called the worst episode of the entire series.  The entire series!  A whole 551 episodes to this point were better than it, and it just so happened to basically hinder what was otherwise a redemption of a season.

Season 25 Overall Score: 6.86
Favorite Season 25 Episode: Steal This Episode
Least Favorite Season 25 Episode: Married to the Blob

1) Homerland
Homer comes back from a nuclear convention acting very odd.  After some investigating, Lisa believes Homer's been brainwashed to commit terrorism.
Score: 7.8

2) Treehouse of Horror XXIV
Oh, the Places You'll D'oh: a rather demented Cat in the Hat parody.
Dead and Shoulders: Bart's head is cut off, but is attached to Lisa's body to save it.
Freaks No Geeks: a 1920s circus freak show rallies to, uh, do things.
Score: 7.0

3) Four Regrettings and a Funeral
A funeral of a beloved nobody leaves Homer, Marge, Mr. Burns and Kent Brockman dealing with but facing their various regrets.
Score: 5.7

4) Yolo
Homer grows tired of his boring life, so Marge gets ahold of his old pen pal to help him live out his childhood dreams.  Meanwhile, Lisa starts up an honor system at school to stop rampant cheating.
Score: 7.1

5) Labor Pains
Homer and a pregnant woman get stuck in an elevator and Homer is forced to help deliver a baby whom he takes a liking to.  Meanwhile, Lisa helps cheerleaders get more money.
Score: 7.5

6) The Kid is All Right
Lisa befriends a new kid at school, Isabel.  However, their friendship becomes shaky when Lisa's liberal leanings conflict with Isabel's conservative views.
Score: 6.3

7) Yellow Subterfuge
When Principal Skinner eventually denies Bart a chance to go on a nuclear submarine for a field trip, Bart gets help from Homer to exact his revenge on the rather smug Principal.
Score: 7.6

8) White Christmas Blues
Despite a warm winter nationwide, Springfield gets chemically-induced snowfall, making it the tourist attraction of the season.  As everyone price gouges tourists, Lisa tries to find the meaning of Christmas.
Score: 7.1

9) Steal This Episode
Homer is introduced to the world of internet movie piracy.  Marge then learns about it and unwittingly gets Homer in trouble over it.
Score: 8.2

10) Married to the Blob
A lovelorn comic book guy starts dating a Japanese girl, Kumiko, who likes his demeanor somehow, but their relationship is threatened by Kumiko's father, and Homer's standard buffoonery.
Score: 2.8

11) Specs and the City
Homer acquires new-fangled glasses that can do everything... including spy on his wife.
Score: 7.0

12) Diggs
Bart becomes a social outcast after eating a whole frog for money.  As such, Bart befriends the equally lonely Diggs, who is skilled at falconry.
Score: 6.6

13) The Man Who Grew Too Much
As Marge tries to get teens to pledge abstinence, Lisa becomes friends with Sideshow Bob as the latter becomes the head scientist of a genetically modified food company.
Score: 7.2

14) The Winter of His Content
Homer is forced to bring home not just Grampa, but his friends after the retirement home shuts down, but comes to like their old man lifestyle.  Meanwhile, Bart becomes an honorary bully after defending Nelson.
Score: 7.1

15) The War of Art
Seeking a replacement for their busted boat painting, Homer and Marge buy a painting from the Van Houtens that they learn could be worth at least $80,000.
Score: 7.2

16) You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee
Lisa's speech on great a hero Homer is to her, including his work as a soccer referee, gets Homer a job working as a referee at the World Cup, where corruption is rampant.
Score: 7.5

17) Luca$
Lisa tries to change a boy who acts remarkably like Homer.  Marge worries that she'll marry someone like Homer just like she did.  Meanwhile, Bart and Snake become bros.
Score: 7.1

18) Days of Future Future
Homer dies, but is reborn via a clone, which keeps happening.  Thirty years later, Homer has no more clones, and both future Bart and future Lisa have new marital problems.
Score: 6.0

19) What to Expect When Bart's Expecting
Bart uses voodoo to make his teacher sick, but when she gets pregnant instead (by coincedence, right?), Bart becomes the go-to for pregnancy needs by everyone, including the mafia.
Score: 6.5

20) Brick Like Me
Homer wakes up in a Lego version of Springfield, where everything fits into place and nobody gets hurt, but then Homer deals with the pains of his fleshy past.
Score: 8.1

21) Pay Pal
As Marge's last genuine attempt at gaining friends fails (thanks again to Homer), she intends to make sure Lisa doesn't share her fate.
Score: 6.6

22) The Yellow Badge of Cowardge
Milhouse was winning the big race until Nelson beats him up to avoid losing bet money.  Bart sees this but does nothing, so that he can win the big race.  Also, Homer sets up a 4th of July fireworks show.
Score: 7.0

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