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The Simpsons: Season 6 Episode List

I'm sure you DVD collectors out there have most or all of Seasons 3-8 + more, but have a bunch of regular boxsets yet Homer's big head for the Season 6 collection and either wish you had a normal box for it or have since acquired such a box.

Season 6 was the second and last full season where David Mirkin was the showrunner, though he did stick around for a few episodes the following season.  Of particular note this season was a rather uninspired clip show, a rather controversial crossover episode, and a rather exciting cliffhanger to end the season complete with a contest for people to participate in over the summer.  If you remove the clip show, this season rivals Season 4 as one of the best seasons in the entire series.  There aren't any bad episodes in this entire season aside from that clip show, and showcases The Simpsons at the peak of its quality.

Season 6 Overall Score: 9.17
Favorite Season 6 Episode: Lisa on Ice
Least Favorite Season 6 Episode: Another Simpsons Clip Show

01) Bart of Darkness
The Simpsons buy a swimming pool for the summer.  Bart breaks his leg soon afterward.  Lisa becomes a pool queen, while Bart witnesses what appears to be a murder.  Lots going on here.
Score: 9.2

02) Lisa's Rival
Lisa feels threatened when a new girl, moved up from the 1st grade, comes into her class showing herself to be every bit as smart and intelligent.
Score: 9.0

03) Another Simpsons Clip Show
Marge worries that romance is dying and tries to prove it isn't (poorly) by referencing old episodes.
Score: 5.8

04) Itchy & Scratchy Land
The family goes on a vacation.  The destination: the most violent theme park in the world.
Score: 9.2

05) Sideshow Bob Roberts
Bob is granted release from prison amidst political pressure, then successfully becomes the next mayor of Springfield.
Score: 9.5

06) Treehouse of Horror V
The Shinning: Its pretty much the Shining.  Homer axes Willie in the back.
Time and Punishment: Homer goes back in time, messes up the present.  Alternate timeline Maggie axes Willie in the back.
Nightmare Cafeteria: The school staff gets a taste for human child.  Principal Skinner axes Willie in the back.
Score: 10

07) Bart's Girlfriend
Bart falls in love with Reverend Lovejoy's daughter Jessica who, as it turns out, is an even bigger hellraiser than Bart.
Score: 8.6

08) Lisa on Ice
In order to not fail gym, Lisa becomes the goalie of a peewee hockey team.  With Bart on another hockey team, a heated sibling rivalry - egged on by Homer - begins to stir.
Score: 10

09) Homer Badman
Homer acquires a gummy Venus de Milo.  It gets stuck on the ass of a feminist grad student.  Homer grabs the gummy, gets accused of sexual harassment.  Then the media gets involved.  Yeesh.
Score: 10

10) Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy
Grampa helps Homer's love life with a strange tonic.  The two decide to sell it for profit, when they stumble upon the old ranch they used to live in...
Score: 9.2

11) Fear of Flying
When Homer "earns" a free flight for him and his family, Marge reveals that she has a rather big fear of flying.
Score: 9.7

12) Homer the Great
Homer becomes a member of a mystical club known as the Stonecutters whose primary purpose is to play games and drink beer.
Score: 9.3

13) And Maggie Makes Three
As the kids wonder why there are no pictures of Maggie in the photo album, Homer tells them about the circumstances behind that as well as Maggie's birth.
Score: 10

14) Bart's Comet
While serving a punishment for altering Skinner's weather balloon, Bart discovers a comet, which just so happens is heading straight for Springfield.
Score: 9.3

15) Homie the Clown
Krusty founds a clown college to pay off debts to the mafia, which doesn't work.  Homer enrolls to become a regional Krusty and begins to use his name to earn perks.
Score: 9.5

16) Bart vs. Australia
In an attempt to prove Lisa wrong, Bart ends up getting an Australian family charged for a $900 collect call.  Bart's dismissal of the issue gets Australia red hot mad at him.
Score: 8.5

17) Homer vs. Patty and Selma
After messing up on the stock market and a mortgage payment nearing, a broke Homer has no choice but to borrow money from his sisters in law.
Score: 9.0

18) A Star is Burns
In an effort to improve its reputation of being terrible, Springfield hosts a film festival.  Mr. Burns decides to stage a film about himself to improve his own image, which doesn't go so well.  Featuring The Critic's Jay Sherman.
Score: 10

19) Lisa's Wedding
A fortune teller looks at Lisa's future, specifically her "first love", which doesn't happen until 15 years later... in 2010!
Score: 9.2

20) Two Dozen and One Greyhounds
Santa's Little Helper finds true love, and then makes 25 puppies out of it.  With the puppies becoming a nuisance for the Simpsons, Mr. Burns decides to 'take' them.  For what reason?
Score: 8.0

21) The PTA Disbands
With the school woefully underfunded, the teachers goes on strike with some prodding from Bart.  With the kids going crazy one way or another, what can Marge do to help?
Score: 9.7

22) Round Springfield
Lisa's reunion with her hero Bleeding Gums Murphy is cut short when he passes away, prompting Lisa to vow that Springfield will remember him as the great jazz musician he was.
Score: 9.1

23) The Springfield Connection
Marge gets the urge for thrills, ultimately becoming a police officer.  However, rampant corruption, the oddities of the town, and Homer's advantage-taking starts wearing her down.
Score: 9.5

24) Lemon of Troy
After Marge fills Bart up with town pride, kids from Shelbyville steal Springfield's prized lemon tree, prompting Bart to lead a group of kids into Shelbyville to get it back.
Score: 9.2

25) Who Shot Mr. Burns?  Part One
Burns steals an oil rig that was under the elementary school, causing a lot of grief, and then he blocks out the sun.  Unsurprisingly, he gets shot soon after.  We find out who did it... next season!
Score: 8.7

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