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The Simpsons: Season 7 Episode List

Season 7 was the first of two seasons ran by Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein, with David Mirkin running some holdover episodes from the previous season.  Oakley & Weinstein, who had been writing episodes for the show since Season 3, wanted to approach this season with a specific plan.  More focus on the family.  An episode set aside for characters like Sideshow Bob, and Itchy & Scratchy, and a crazy 'what is this' type of episode such as 22 Short Films About Springfield, or The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase the following season.

This plan works out well for Season 7, as nearly every episode featured is excellent.  Emotional moments such as the return and departure of Homer's mother and Bart's search for his soul give the season some good depth as well.  Season 7 is another quality year in this golden age of The Simpsons.

Season 7 Overall Score: 8.93
Favorite Season 7 Episode: 22 Short Films About Springfield
Least Favorite Season 7 Episode: Homerpalooza

01) Who Shot Mr. Burns?  Part Two
Continuing the Season 6 Season Finale, Chief Wiggum leads the investigation into who shot Mr. Burns.  The answer, nobody could guess without previously knowing.
Score: 9.7

02) Radioactive Man
Hollywood producers decide to film a movie based on the Radioactive Man comic book in Springfield, and Milhouse gets cast as the sidekick Fallout Boy.
Score: 9.1

03) Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily
After a rather unfortunate series of events, Child Welfare services take the Simpson children to a foster home: the Flanders.
Score: 9.5

04) Bart Sells His Soul
Dismissing the notion of the existence of a 'soul', Bart 'sells' his to Milhouse for $5.  Meanwhile, Moe opens a family restaurant.
Score: 8.6

05) Lisa the Vegetarian
After becoming attached to a little lamb, Lisa finds that harming or even eating animals is wrong and becomes a vegetarian.
Score: 9.1

06) Treehouse of Horror VI
Attack of the 50 ft Eyesores: The "eyesores" are advertising statues, which need to be ignored to die.
Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace: Willie dies thanks to the negligence of parents, vows to kill their children in their dream.
Homer^3: Rather than deal with his sisters-in-law, Homer escapes to the "third dimension"
Score: 8.6

07) King-Size Homer
Homer gains over 60 pounds to qualify for disability, just so he can avoid his work's exercise program.
Score: 8.9

08) Mother Simpson
In a special episode, Homer reunites with his long lost mother, though her past may mean the reunion could be cut short.
Score: 9.5

09) Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming
Bob becomes increasingly angry at television in general, ultimately stealing an atomic bomb to get people to get rid of it.
Score: 9.3

10) The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular
Troy McClure hosts a special clip show featuring Tracy Ullman shorts and deleted scenes including alternate endings to Who Shot Mr. Burns?
Score: 8.9

11) Marge Be Not Proud
Desperate to his hands on a new video game, Bart resorts to shoplifting, but gets caught.  Marge eventually learns of this, and is greatly disappointed in her son.
Score: 8.7

12) Team Homer
Homer organizes a bowling team featuring him, Moe, Apu and Otto, but borrows money for the team from an ether-intoxicated Mr. Burns, who eventually catches on.
Score: 8.5

13) Two Bad Neighbors
Former President George H.W. Bush moves to Springfield, and after he spanks Bart for all of his mischief, Homer and him start a prank war.
Score: 9.2

14) Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield
After finding a Chanel suit for just $90, Marge is invited to a country club, where her desire to fit in overrides absolutely everything else.
Score: 8.1

15) Bart the Fink
After Bart opens a checking account, an attempt to use a check to get Krusty's signature ends up with Krusty being revealed as a huge tax cheat.
Score: 8.6

16) Lisa the Iconoclast
Lisa learns the dark secret of Jebediah Springfield, but the patriotic denizens of Springfield refuse to believe her.
Score: 8.4

17) Homer the Smithers
Burns orders Smithers to go on vacation after a couple of blunders.  To ensure he doesn't get outshined by his fill-in, Smithers tasks Homer to take over his duties.
Score: 10

18) The Day the Violence Died
Bart finds a bum who, as it turns out, actually created Itchy, as well as cartoon violence.  Bart succeeds in getting the guy restitution money, but bankrupts Itchy & Scratchy studios in the process.
Score: 9.8

19) A Fish Called Selma
Troy McClure, whose career had been ruined by (seemingly true) rumors about a fish fetish of his, revives his career when he gets in a relationship with Selma.
Score: 8.6

20) Bart on the Road
Bart acquires a fake ID just in time for Spring Break.  He, Nelson, Milhouse and the rich Martin decides to use the ID to rent a car on go on a road trip.
Score: 8.9

21) 22 Short Films About Springfield
A multitude of tales (though not quite 22 tales) featuring the various townsfolk of Springfield.
Score: 10

22) Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"
Grampa and Mr. Burns are the last survivor members of a World War II unit that agreed to give its last surviving member treasure.  As such, Burns is now trying to have Grampa killed.
Score: 8.5

23) Much Apu About Nothing
A frenzy over bears turns into a frenzy over taxes which turns into a frenzy over illegal immigants.  Apu, an illegal immigrant himself, worries that a new proposition will mean his deportation.
Score: 9.1

24) Homerpalooza
Homer faces the dilemma of being uncool when the music he likes isn't the same as the music the youth likes.  He attempts to fix this, in the process becoming a freak show cannonball guy to show just how cool he is!
Score: 7.2

25) Summer of 4 Ft. 2
Feeling particularly unpopular, Lisa reinvents herself as the family (+Milhouse) spend a couple of weeks at a beach house.
Score: 8.5

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