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The Simpsons: Season 13 Episode List

Season 13 begins what some people refer to as "Zombie Simpsons", as the series "died" for them at some point between Seasons 9 and 12 (Mike Scully's run) as it just lives on as some kind of inanimate yet animated comedy.  Perhaps coincidentally, its the first season where Al Jean becomes the showrunner again.

Jean co-ran the show with Mike Reiss for Seasons 3 and 4 before the two left to pursue other projects.  Jean but only Jean comes back to run the show on his own.  Although those two statements on their own might provide a glimmer of life for the series, Jean's run hasn't really done any redeeming.  In fact, considering what good work Jean and Reiss did for those two seasons as well as shows like The Critc, and because Al Jean is still the showrunner for what is about to be a rather lackluster latter half of the entire series, I could make a bold claim that ol' Al hasn't really done much more than just be FOX's mouthpiece for what FOX wants done with the series.  I could make that claim, anyway.  There's five leftover episodes from Scully's run, then its Al Jean for ever and ever.

Some notes about this season's scores:
  • Its the first season whose overall score is lower than that of Season 1's overall score.
  • Its highest rated episode (Treehouse of Horror XII at 8.4) matches Season 4's lowest rated episode (A Streetcar Named Marge, also at 8.4).
  • Its also the first season where its Treehouse of Horror is regarded by me as that season's best episode.

Season 13 Overall Score: 7.04

Favorite Season 13 Episode: Treehouse of Horror XII
Least Favorite Season 13 Episode: Blame It on Lisa

01) Treehouse of Horror XII
Hex and the City: A Gypsy curses Homer to give everyone else he knows bad luck.
House of Whacks: Marge gets a robot house that becomes obsessed with her.
Wiz Kids: Lisa and Bart are wizards of various skill.
Score: 8.4

02) The Parent Rap
A new judge takes over Bart's latest court appearance, places blame on his crimes on Homer as a father, and decides to tether the two together as punishment.  Marge doesn't like the new judge.
Score: 7.1

03) Homer the Moe
Feeling worn out, Moe goes back to bartending school.  There, he learns he needs to liven up his bar to regain his self-worth.  This doesn't sit well with Homer.
Score: 7.0

04) A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love
Mr. Burns falls in love with a police officer named Gloria, enlisted Homer's help to make him look hip and cool.  Everything's going well until Snake enters the fray.
Score: 6.6

05) The Blunder Years
Homer recalls a repressed memory of him finding a corpse in a quarry which in turns leads the Simpsons to a murder mystery.
Score: 8.1

06) She of Little Faith
Lisa becomes disgusted when the church is forced to become commercial, and eventually becomes a Buddhist, much to the worry of Marge.
Score: 6.2

07) Brawl in the Family
After the family goes through another scuffle, a social worker comes in to bring the family together.  He does a good job... until Homer's Vegas wife enters the scene.
Score: 7.4

08) Sweets and Sour Marge
After Springfield accidentally sets the world record for fattest town, Marge pins sugar as the main culprit and is able to ban it from Springfield.
Score: 6.4

09) Jaws Wired Shut
Homer breaks his jaw while running away from ushers.  Its wired shut, preventing Homer from talking or eating solid foods, so he takes the opportunity to become a great listener.
Score: 7.8

10) Half-Decent Proposal
Artie Ziff, Marge's high school prom date, returns to offer the family a million dollars so he can show Marge what she's missed.
Score: 7.2

11) The Bart Wants What It Wants
Bart hooks up with Rainier Wolfcastle's daughter, Greta, but doesn't take the relationship seriously.  When he regrets making the eventual break-up, he's furious to find she's rebounding with Milhouse.
Score: 7.5

12) The Lastest Gun in the West
Bart becomes enamored with an old Western actor, Buck McCoy, and decides to make Westerns popular again.
Score: 8.1

13) The Old Man and the Key
Grampa becomes infatuated with Zelda, a new tenant at the retirement home, but as she only likes drivin' men, Grampa bugs Homer like hell for both a new license and to drive Homer's car.
Score: 7.1

14) Tales from the Public Domain
Homer's Odyssey: a retelling of the ancient story (not the Season 1 episode).
Joan of Arc: Lisa plays the lady who follow's God's orders.
Hamlet: Bart is Hamlet, and he's got a death to avenge.
Score: 7.3

15) Blame It on Lisa
The Simpsons go to Brazil to find Lisa's sponsored child who has gone missing.  However, it is Homer that ends up being missing!  Oh, Brazil!
Score: 3.2

16) Weekend at Burnsie's
Homer suffers from massive pain follow a crow attack, and is given medical marijuana to ease the pain.  Wacky hijinks ensue.
Score: 7.7

17) Gump Roast
Homer's life is shown via a series of clips, during which the aliens Kang and Kodos use Homer to determine whether the planet is destroyed or not.  Yeah, I know.
Score: 6.4

18) I Am Furious (Yellow)
Bart creates a comic based on Homer being angry.  Called "Angry Dad", it becomes so popular it becomes an internet cartoon and forces Homer to confront his rage.
Score: 8.0

19) The Sweetest Apu
Apu has an affair with the squishee lady, which Homer witnesses.  He and Marge try to help Apu and Manjula stay together.
Score: 6.4

20) Little Girl in the Big Ten
Lisa is mistaken as a college girl by other college girls, but as she hangs out with them (hiding the fact she's only eight), she comes to love their intellectual pursuits.  Also, Bart is in a bubble.
Score: 7.7

21) The Frying Game
Homer is sentenced to community service where he ends up becoming a chore guy for an old widow.  Marge gets caught up in it as well, and then things get wacky.
Score: 6.9

22) Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge
After the police fail to slow another looting spree, Homer starts up a protection company of his own.
Score: 6.4

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