Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Simpsons: Season 3 Episode List

Season 3 began what is considered by some to be the Golden Age of The Simpsons.  Some people like to think it starts at some point in Season 2, or even as late as Season 4, but I think Season 3 really takes off in terms of the overall quality and hilarity of episodes.  Whether its the Land of Chocolate, debating whether Lord Palmerston or Pitt the Elder was the greatest English Prime Minister, or seeing the various antics of now developed characters, Season 3 is the season where The Simpsons started to define itself as the best animated comedy around.

Season 3 Overall Score: 8.68
Favorite Season 3 Episode: Homer at the Bat
Least Favorite Season 3 Episode: Like Father, Like Clown

01) Stark Raving Dad
Forced to wear a pink shirt to work, Homer is accused of being a free-thinking Anarchist and is sent to a mental institution where he meets "Michael Jackson".  Meanwhile, Lisa tries to make sure Bart knows her birthday is coming up.  Featuring the guest voice of "John Jay Smith".
Score: 8.1

02) Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington
Lisa's pro-American essay wins the family a trip to Washington.  After witnessing a congressman being bribed, Lisa loses faith in democracy, oh no!
Score: 7.9

03) When Flanders Failed
As Flanders opens up a left-handed store, Homer wishes for it to fail.  Then it does.  Meanwhile, Bart fakes going to karate classes.
Score: 7.4

04) Bart the Murderer
After a series of "bad day" events, Bart becomes the bartender for the mafia, but after Principal Skinner's disapperance, he becomes the main suspect in his murder.
Score: 9.5

05) Homer Defined
Homer lucks his way to averting a nuclear meltdown, becoming heralded as a hero.  Meanwhile, Milhouse's mom prevents her son from being friends with Bart.
Score: 8.9

06) Like Father, Like Clown
After learning that Krusty the Klown hasn't spoken to his father since he was a child, Bart and Lisa make it a mission to have the two reunite.
Score: 7.2

07) Treehouse of Horror II
The Monkey's Paw: Homer gets a monkey's paw capable of making ill-fated wishes.
The Bart Zone: Bart, an all powerful being, goes too far when he turns Homer into a jack in the box.
If I Only Had a Brain: Mr. Burns puts Homer's brain into a robot, then the robot is lazy.  Good stuff.
Score: 9.3

08) Lisa's Pony
After failing his daughter at a school talent show, Homer decides to win back Lisa's love the fast way: buying her a pony.
Score: 8.7

09) Saturdays of Thunder
In an attempt to become a good father, Homer helps Bart build a soapbox derby racer.  Then Bart decides to ride Martin's superior car after Martin gets hurt.  Kinda gets awkward after that.
Score: 9.2

10) Flaming Moe's
Homer shares with Moe a drink that has cough syrup and is lit on fire, but is really good.  Moe then proceeds to steal Homer's drink to revive his business.
Score: 8.5

11) Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
Feeling unfulfilled, Burns sells the plant to German investors, leaving Homer and his co-workers worried they'll lose their jobs.
Score: 10

12) I Married Marge
As Marge may or may not be pregnant, Homer reminisces about when Marge was pregnant with Bart, and how the two became married.
Score: 7.9

13) Radio Bart
Bart gets a prank microphone that can tap into radios.  With it, he fools the town into thinking a poor orphan boy has fallen into a well.
Score: 8.9

14) Lisa the Greek
Homer finds out Lisa has a hidden skill to correctly predict football games, and exploits the hell out of it.  Includes a somewhat accurate prediction of Super Bowl XXVI.
Score: 9.0

15) Homer Alone
After a series of "bad day" events, Marge suffers a nervous breakdown.  Going on a personal vacation to relax, Bart and Lisa stay at their Aunts' apartment while Homer takes care of Maggie.
Score: 8.6

16) Bart the Lover
The lonely Mrs. Krabappel tries her luck out with a personal ad.  When Bart sees it, he decides to pull a prank on her using the guise of "Woodrow", a potential date.
Score: 9.4

17) Homer at the Bat
The nuclear plant's softball team reaches the finals thanks to Homer's Wonderbat.  However, to ensure victory after placing a bet, Mr. Burns hires nine major league players to play in that game.
Score: 10

18) Separate Vocations
A career aptitude test says Lisa is best at homemaking and Bart would be a good policeman.  Bart becomes a good student, and Lisa a bad student as a result.
Score: 9.3

19) Dog of Death
With the dog deathly sick, the Simpsons pay a lot of money for an operation to heal him, the repercussions of which are notable.
Score: 7.9

20) Colonel Homer
After overhearing a song sung by a bar's waitress, Homer decides to become her manager unaware that she's slowly falling in love with him.
Score: 7.5

21) Black Widower
Sideshow Bob is out of prison a changed man (probably), thanks to his newfound relationship with Selma.  Yet, somehow, Bart doesn't trust the guy.
Score: 8.9

22) The Otto Show
After crashing the bus into town square without a license, Otto is suspended from bus driving.  Bart helps him out by letting him stay at his house, much to everyone's annoyance.
Score: 8.5

23) Bart's Friend Falls in Love
The title pretty much says it all.  Also, Homer tries to lose weight, learns vocabulary instead.
Score: 8.5

24) Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? 
After Homer is given $2000 so he can't sue for becoming infertile (not that he knows), his half-brother, now a bum, decides to borrow it to create a new money-making invention.
Score: 9.1

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