Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Grampy Can You Hear Me? (S29, E05-623)

Recap: Grampa gets a hearing aid and learns he is mocked quite often outside of his old hearing range.  Meanwhile, Skinner has a falling out with his mother upon learning that she killed his dream of being a band marcher.

Review: The Grampa sidestory, and it was a side story despite it claiming the episode's title, starts off decently enough but after Grampa learns people mock him often the story takes a back seat and then ends on a dull, pointless note with little payoff.

The Skinner story, which I believe is the first case of the show actively ignoring The Principal and the Pauper, was better overall.  It had funnier gags, the stuff with Ohio State was decent albeit with a few misses, and it had better plot development overall although it, too, had a rather tame end.

Its kind of odd, the episode really didn't know how to end itself.  Its not like the ending needed to be rushed; the episode had the full, entire open, an extended couch gag, and a lengthening unrelated bit at the end because the episode itself was so short; that time could've been used to create a much more satisfying conclusion to both plot lines.  Sad, really.

Final Score: 6.7

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Treehouse of Horror XXVIII (S29, E04-622)

The Exor-Sis - Maggie gets possessed by a lesser demon in an obvious Exorcist spoof. (+0.6)

Coralisa - Lisa finds a stitched-up CGI version of her world through her room, where life is great except everyone has their eyes or mouths stitched up with buttons. (+0.7)

Mmm... Homer - Homer realizes he tastes delicious, and eventually becomes the world's tastiest ingredient. (+0.9)

Review: I enjoyed the episode overall.  Each segment was better than the last.  Exor-Sis was kinda dull and ended on a whimper.  Coralisa, an apparent Coraline reference, was relatively faithful to the setup of that movie even if, once again, it had no idea how to end itself.  The last segment had some good moments though the 'Hallelujah' bits dragged it down somewhat.  This Treehouse of Horror ends up better than last years' if only because none of the segments were downright bad, and overall this one is the best scoring one in five years, but these anthologies are still a far cry from what they were even just ten years ago.

Final Score: 7.2

Monday, October 23, 2017

Whistler's Father (S29, E03-621)

Recap: Maggie inherits Grampa's ability to whistle exceptionally and becomes a baby diva before she even hits it big.  Meanwhile, the mafia asks the style-'conscious' Marge to 'redecorate' the old post office into a whore house.

Review: Overall, its a dull episode.  A few jokes worked, a few jokes didn't.  Maggie's plotline was borderline ridiculous which didn't help matters.  Episode could've fared better with more mafia gags as they were the best part of the episode.  Better than the other two episodes of this season, of course that's not saying much.

Final Score: 6.2

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Springfield Splendor (S29, E02-620)

Recap: Lisa's depressing life and Marge's crafty art combine to make a popular graphic novel whose popularity creates a rift between the two as a madman concocts a theatre show about it.

Review: There's two things I liked about the episode: the scenes at the community college and most of the side banter with Homer and Bart.  Those two things saved the episode from a much worse fate.  The whole latter third of the episode with the off-the-wall play was terrible, and the scene at the comicon panel with the "guest stars" was high-level cringe-core which was even worse.  Those two things, which were basically half of the episode, spiraled it downward from 'decent' territory to 'only watch for the artwork, maybe' tier.

Final Score: 5.6

Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Serfsons (S29, E01-619)

Recap: taking place in medieval times, Lisa uses magic to help save Marge's mother, but when she's kidnapped over said use, Homer leads a serf uprising to get her back.

Review: When the opening began, I figured this would be a straight-up Game of Thrones reference of an episode.  It ended up as more of a basic medieval-themed episode albeit with references to GoT and other similar worlds.  A lot of it was terrible, though.  The main plot focused primarily on Marge, Lisa, and Jacqueline whatever-her-last-name-in-this-world-is, and it is a terribly dry plot at that, medieval themed or not.  Most of the jokes either fell flat or were just embarrassing (one "Krusty has genital Smurfs" was stupid enough, I didn't need several more of it).  You can categorize this under the already-stuffed "episode about thing writers like but have no idea how to properly parody".

Final Score: 3.5

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Simpsons: Season 29 Episode List

You know how the writing staff sees something they are interested in that occurs in pop culture, and it takes them a full year or two to incorporate it into an episode, even if it was a flash-in-the-pan that lost all relevance well before the episode airs?

Well, its almost been a full year since Donald Trump was elected to be President of the United States.  I can only fear how what I'm sure are the writers' sheer contempt for Trump will seep itself into this season.  Will it be quick shots during couch gags?  Will there be an episode dedicated to the mockery of him or a lookalike?  Will Lisa just shout "FUCK TRUMP AND FUCK WHITE PEOPLE" at random intervals?  How this season handles the President and all of the circus around him - and directed at him - will pretty much decide how terrible it will be.  Personally, I'm expecting sheer disaster.

Season 29 Overall Score: ---
Favorite Season 29 Episode: (posted after 10 episodes)
Least Favorite Season 29 Episode: (posted after 10 episodes)

1) The Serfsons
Set in medieval times, Lisa uses magic to help fix Marge's mom, but is kidnapped for her use.  Homer then leads a serf uprising to get her back.
Score: 3.5

2) Springfield Splendor
Marge's art and Lisa's depression create a popular graphic novel turned nonsense theatre production.
Score: 5.6

3) Whistler's Father
Its learned that Maggie inherited her grandfather's whistling ability and becomes a baby diva.  Meanwhile, Marge gets hired by the mafia to redecorate the old post office.
Score: 6.2

4) Treehouse of Horror XXVIII
The Exor-Sis: Maggie gets possesed by a demon.
Coralisa: Lisa finds the Coraline equivalent of her world.
Mmm... Homer: Homer learns that he is a tasty ingredient.
Score: 7.2

5) Grampy Can You Hear Me?
Grampa gets hearing aids and can now hear himself being mocked.  Meanwhile, Skinner learns his mother actively ruined his dream of being a marching band drummer at Ohio State.
Score: 6.7

6) The Old Blue Mayor Ain't What She Used to Be
Marge runs for mayor.  Is this the dreaded reference episode to the 2016 election?
To Air: November 12th

7) Singin' in the Lane
The title almost makes it out to be a bowling episode.  However, its 2017, so I doubt that's the case.
To Air: November 19th

??) Mr. Lisa's Opus
It's apparently Lisa's version of Barthood, which itself was an episode-long reference to the film Boyhood.  There must be someone in the writing staff that really, really, likes Lisa, or Yeardley Smith has too much influence or something, because what the hell?
To Air: November 26th, likely

??) Haw-Haw Land
A musical episode where Milhouse, Nelson and guest-star boy try to win Lisa's heart for some reason.
To Air: probably in December

Episodes yet to be given airdates:
Gone Boy
Frink Gets Testy
Homer is Where the Art Isn't
3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage
No Good Read Goes Unpunished
Fears of a Clown (It - the movie - reference, see this is what I mean)
Forgive and Regret
King Leer
Lisa Gets the Blues
Left Behind
Throw Grampa from the Dane
Flanders' Ladder
Heartbreak Hotel
Treehouse of Horror XXIX (Season 30 confirmed, I guess)
My Way or the Highway to Heaven
Bart's Not Dead

Change for Season 29 onward


Site-related post here.

You might have noticed it took me forever to review the last three or four episodes of Season 28.  Well, several months ago, I welcomed my first child into the world, and so he's as well as other personal matters have kept me very busy the last few months, with me only really being able to squeeze in a review once a month or so.

Season 29 is just around the corner, but there's no way I'm going to be able to keep up with it if I attempt to write reviews as I have.  So, from here on, this is what's changing:

  • No more lengthy story recaps.  I'm not even sure if people enjoyed them even with my sarcastic tone on some of them.  These take up a large amount of my time so from here on, I'll just provide a quick little one or two line bloop and then get to the review.
  • The length of my reviews will probably be the same, maybe a little longer if I have to explain a particular part of an episode that irked me (or, in theory, I enjoyed).  Depending on how dull or unique an episode is, the review might be a line or two, or maybe a few paragraphs, like it has been.
  • For every episode to this point, I've provided a single screen cap from that episode, usually with an attempt at a witty or sometimes snarky caption.  I still intend on providing both, but I might crop screen caps from here on out.
  • I'm still deciding on what to do with the blog's side stuff.  I might stop/delete the Marriage episode post, just because its a mess right now.  I only update character spotlights once every few months at most anyway, but you'll notice its been a full year since I did my last one.  Still, I'd like to spit out a new one at some point coming up.
Hopefully I won't fall too far behind.  We'll see, Season 29 starts the Sunday after this post.