Thursday, January 24, 2013

Non-Halloween Anthologies

Starting in Season 8, The Simpsons would start producing episodes in a format similar to the annual Treehouse of Horror episodes, but in an obviously non-Halloween theme.  Many of these anthologies are simply non-canon retellings of historical events or tall tales or a combination thereof featuring characters from the show.

01) The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase
Season 08 - Episode 24-177
1. Chief Wiggum P.I.: Wiggum and Skinner move to New Orleans to take on crime. (+1.9)
2. The Love-Matic Grampa: Grampa dies, but his soul ends up in Moe's love-test machine. (+1.3)
3. The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour: featuring an all new Lisa! (+0.8)
Score: 9.7

02) Simpsons Bible Stories
Season 10 - Episode 18-221
1. Marge's Dream: Marge is Eve of Adam and Eve. (+0.4)
2. Lisa's Dream: Lisa guides Moses (Milhouse) as he frees the Israelites. (+0.5)
3. Homer's Dream: As King Solomon, Homer solves a pie dispute. (no score)
4. Bart's Dream: King David vs Goliath 2. (+0.6)
Score: 5.9

03) Simpsons Tall Tales
Season 12 - Episode 21-269
1. Paul Bunyan: Homer is Paul as his size creates both difficulties and joys. (+1.1)
2. Connie Appleseed: Lisa is Connie as her love of apples eventually save the pioneers. (+0.6)
3. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn: Bart and Nelson are those trouble-making two, respectively. (+0.6)
Score: 7.9

04) Tales From the Public Domain
Season 13 - Episode 14-283
1. Homer's Odyssey: Homer is Odysseus as he suffers a 20 year journey home. (+0.5)
2. Joan of Arc: Lisa is Joan as she is ordered by God to lead France to victory. (+0.8)
3. Hamlet: Bart is Hamlet as he goes to avenge his father's murder. (+0.5)
Score: 7.3

05) Margical History Tour
Season 15 - Episode 11-324
1. Henry VIII: Homer is the King who wants a male heir oh so badly. (+0.2)
2. Sacagawea: Lisa plays the part of the young girl who helps out Lewis and Clark. (+0.5)
3. Mozart: Bart is Mozart, Lisa is the ultra-jealous Salieri. (+0.3)
Score: 6.4

06) Simpsons Christmas Stories
Season 17 - Episode 09-365
1. The First D'oh-El: Homer retells the story of the first Christmas. (+0.7)
2. I Saw Grampa Cussing Santa Claus: Grampa tells the story of how Santa screwed him. (+0.8)
3. The Nutcracker... Sweet: A typical Christmas Eve in Springfield. (+0.6)
Score: 7.2

07) The Wettest Stories Ever Told
Season 17 - Episode 18-374
1. Mayflower Madman: The story of the Mayflower voyage. (+0.3)
2. The Whine-Bar Sea: The story of the Mutiny on the Bounty. (+0.4)
3. Watership D'ohn: The story of the capsized Neptune cruise ship. (+0.1)
Score: 6.1

08) Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times
Season 18 - Episode 11-389
1. The Count of Monte Fatso: a retelling of a similarly-titled story with Homer as the lead. (+0.5)
2. Revenge of the Geek: Milhouse gets revenge on everyone thanks to a bullying machine. (+0.5)
3. Bartman Begins: The epic origin story of revenge starring Bartman. (+0.5)
Score: 6.4

09) Love, Springfieldian Style
Season 19 - Episode 12-412
1. Bonnie and Clyde: their love of crime keeps them together. (+0.4)
2. Shady and the Vamp: a parodied love story featuring dogs. (+0.1)
3. Sid and Nancy: their love of "chocolate" keeps them together. (+0.0)
Score: 5.9

10) Four Great Women and a Manicure
Season 20 - Episode 20-440
1. Queen Elizabeth I: can't find a man, doesn't need a man. (-0.1)
2. Snow White: avoids copyrights. (+0.2)
3. Lady MacBeth: Marge has Homer kill people who act in the title play better than him. (+0.2)
4. Maggie Roark: the man tries to put down Maggie's talent, she isn't having that. (-0.1)
Score: 4.4

11) The Fight Before Christmas
Season 22 - Episode 08-472
1. Bart's Dream: He goes after Santa Claus for not giving him a dirt bike. (+0.3)
2. Lisa's Dream: She dreams herself in 1944, sad that her mom is fighting in World War II. (+0.4)
3. Marge's Dream: Martha Stewart tries to save Marge's Christmas, but not really. (+0.4)
4. Maggie's Dream: Everybody is now a puppet, except Katy Perry who is fully real. (+0.5)
Score: 6.7

(more to be added when needed)

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