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The Simpsons: Season 16 Episode List

Season 16 is the 4th season ran by Al Jean in what some refer to as the 'zombie Simpsons' run.  This season is, by far, the worst yet.  Unlike the past few seasons where there was still a semblance of mediocre consistency, the bottom just fell out for this season.  Somehow, the quality episode Don't Fear the Roofer occurs this season, otherwise there's barely anything redeemable about this set of episodes.  Hopefully, this is rock bottom for the series, and starting next season it starts its way back up.

Season 16 Overall Score: 6.47
Favorite Season 16 Episode: Don't Fear the Roofer
Least Favorite Season 16 Episode: Midnight Rx

01) Treehouse of Horror XV
The Ned Zone: Ned foresees, well, everyone dying eventually.
Four Beheadings and a Funeral: 1890s London is under attack by the Mutton-Chop Murderer.
In the Belly of the Boss: Mr. Burns swallows a pill with Maggie inside, the family goes in to save her.
Score: 6.4

02) All's Fair in Oven War
Marge enters a baking contest, but when the other contestants sabotage her entry, Marge gets an opportunity for revenge.  Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse get Playdudes with the nudes cut out.
Score: 7.8

03) Sleeping with the Enemy
With neither the embarrassed Bart nor the weight-conscious Lisa willing to spend time with their mother, Marge ends up getting to know Nelson Muntz, who remains saddened over his missing father.
Score: 5.6

04) She Used to Be My Girl
Marge's old journalist friend Chloe from high school returns to town, and becomes jealous of her exciting lifestyle especially when Lisa starts hanging out with Chloe.
Score: 6.3

05) Fat Man and Little Boy
Bart makes tons of money selling rude t-shirts, and an unemployed Homer just sits back and enjoys letting Bart be the head of the household.
Score: 8.1

06) Midnight Rx
With the exponentially increasing costs of prescription drugs, Homer and Grampa begin to smuggle a bunch out of Canada.
Score: 3.6

07) Mommie Beerest
After Homer takes out a second mortgage to pay for repairs to Moe's bar, Marge starts helping Moe out with business.  To Homer's horror, the two start to become good friends.
Score: 5.9

08) Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass
Homer's latest round of antics lead him to becoming a showboating coach for athletes, while Ned starts a career filming rather gruesome bible stories.
Score: 4.6

09) Pranksta Rap
Bart goes to a rap concert without his parents' permission, and to hide that fact he stages a phony kidnapping.
Score: 6.5

10) There's Something About Marrying
To revive tourism, Springfield allows gay marriage.  As Homer becomes the only person in town to actually wed couples, Marge is stunned to learn her sister Patty is gay.
Score: 6.4

11) On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister
Tired of Bart's pranks, Lisa files a restraining order on Bart, preventing him from doing most things because those things are within 20 feet of Lisa.
Score: 7.3

12) Goo Goo Gai Pan
Selma goes through menopause.  So she adopts a baby, but is forced to go through China, but then is forced to fake having a husband to get a baby.  Poor Homer.
Score: 7.2

13) Mobile Homer
Marge tries to penny pinch when Homer becomes un-insurable, however Homer gets tired of this and spends Marge's savings on a mobile home.
Score: 6.5

14) The Seven-Beer Snitch
After Marge's failed attempt at a concert hall gets converted into a prison, Homer is sent there for breaking a silly law and becomes a prison snitch.
Score: 6.7

15) Future-Drama
Professor Frink shows Bart and Lisa their future eight years later, where Lisa gets a scholarship to Yale and Bart somehow usurps that scholarship to get back with his girlfriend.
Score: 6.4

16) Don't Fear the Roofer
Homer gets help to fix the roof from a guy named Ray Magini, however Ray doesn't show up most of the time and nobody else has seen him, leaving some to believe Homer's going crazy.
Score: 8.6

17) The Heartbroke Kid
Bart becomes addicted to a new set of vending machine junk at school, and eventually has a heart attack.  Even so, Bart's refusal to stop forces the family to take drastic actions.
Score: 7.2

18) A Star is Torn
Lisa enters a singing competition, with Homer becoming her manager and songwriter.  However, tensions flare when Homer becomes just a tad power mad.
Score: 6.7

19) Thank God, It's Doomsday
Homer becomes afraid that the rapture is coming and tries to predict when its going to happen.
Score: 6.5

20) Home Away from Homer
Ned unwittingly lets a pair of co-eds stay in his house so they can stream a sexy webcam show.  Homer spreads word across town, making Ned such a laughing stock he moves away.
Score: 7.2

21) The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star
After Bart gets expelled for a prank he didn't even commit, he gets sent to a Catholic school where, to much shock, he actually gets convereted.
Score: 4.4

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