Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Simpsons: Season 17 Episode List

Season 17 continues Al Jean's zombie Simpsons run, now in its 5th season.  As you may note, this is the first season which contains absolutely zero episodes scored 8 or above - every other season had at least two such episodes, even Season 1.  Still, this season scores higher than Season 16 as Season 16 contained several very poor episodes, while Season 17 contained just a couple.  Despite not having a really good episode, that comparative lack of bad quality was enough to keep Season 17 from being as bad as Season 16.

...you can tell how low things have gotten when a season's only saving grace is that it wasn't as bad as the previous season, and only as a whole.

Season 17 Overall Score: 6.63

Favorite Season 17 Episode: Bart Has Two Mommies
Least Favorite Season 17 Episode: Girls Just Want to Have Sums

01) Bonfire of the Manatees
Away from Springfield, angry after Homer's latest misadventure with the mafia, Marge takes up a passion for saving manatees.
Score: 6.9

02) The Girl Who Slept Too Little
After the Simpsons prevent a stamp museum from being built behind their backyard, a graveyard is put there instead which scares Lisa far more than she wants to admit.
Score: 6.8

03) Milhouse of Sand and Fog
Milhouse's parents reunite at Maggie's chicken pox party, but they shower each other with love rather than their son.  Milhouse and Bart try to separate them again, but end up separating Homer and Marge instead.
Score: 7.5

04) Treehouse of Horror XVI
B.I. Bartificial Intelligence: Bart gets replaced by a robot, so he becomes a robot.
Survival of the Fattest: Mr. Burns hunts man, which may or may not be the deadliest game of all.
I've Grown a Costume on Your Face: A witch turns everyone into their Halloween costumes.
Score: 7.4

05) Marge's Son Poisoning
Bart decides to spend time with Marge after she buys a tandem bicycle nobody else will ride with her on.  Meanwhile, Homer pumps up his right arm enough to dominate in arm wrestling.
Score: 6.0

06) See Homer Run
Homer becomes the school's "Safety Salamander" to show Lisa he can be a positive male role model.  After becoming a hero, Homer as the Salamander runs for mayor in a recall election.
Score: 7.3

07) The Last of the Red Hat Mamas
Marge becomes friends with a group of ladies who call themselves the "Cheery Red Tomatoes".  Meanwhile, Lisa learns Italian from her surprise tutor... Milhouse!
Score: 7.1

08) The Italian Bob
The Simpsons are in Italy to deliver Mr. Burns his new car when they come across... wait for it... Sideshow Bob!  In the town he's the mayor of!  With his new Italian family!
Score: 5.1

09) Simpsons Christmas Stories
A trio of Christmas tales.
The First D'oh-El: Homer's retelling of the first Christmas.
I Saw Grampa Cussing Santa Claus: Grampa tells how he got screwed by Santa during World War II.
The Nutcracker... Sweet: a typical Christmas Eve in Springfield.
Score: 7.2

10) Homer's Paternity Coot
A 40 year old letter to Mona Simpson finally gets sent which reveals that Homer's father might not of been Grampa, but another, more impressive man.
Score: 6.5

11) We're on the Road to D'ohwhere
Homer is forced to skip a trip to Las Vegas because he has to take Bart to a boot camp in Oregon after Bart ruined the school once again.
Score: 6.6

12) My Fair Laddy
Lisa decides to turn Willie from a pathetic Groundskeeper into a proper gentleman.  Also, Homer goes a quest for a new pair of blue pants.
Score: 4.7

13) The Seemingly Never-Ending Story
Homer takes the family to Carl's Dad Caverns, where a series of events are told through a concurrent series of retold stories.
Score: 7.6

14) Bart Has Two Mommies
As Marge tries to get Rod and Todd Flanders to be more confident, Bart is kidnapped by an aging mother chimpanzee.
Score: 7.8

15) Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife
In order to win money to buy a new TV, Homer enters himself and Marge into a reality show where wives swap places.
Score: 7.6

16) Million Dollar Abie
Grampa ruins Springfield's chance at a pro football team, and becomes so hated he decides to kill himself.  After failing, he takes up bullfighting because, hey, whatever.
Score: 6.2

17) Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore
The nuclear plant gets outsourced to India, with Homer become the head of the new plant there.  Meanwhile, Patty and Selma meet MacGyver!
Score: 7.4

18) The Wettest Stories Ever Told
Three nautical adventures are told for some reason.
Mayflower Madman: The wacky tales of the Mayflower voyage.
The Whine-Bar Sea: The retelling of the Mutiny on the Bounty
Watership D'ohn: The Neptune capsizes in this survival adventure.
Score: 6.1

19) Girls Just Want to Have Sums
Principal Skinner offends girls and women, and is replaced by a woman who separates the school by gender.  Lisa isn't allowed to learn real math in the girls half, so she has to disguise herself as a boy to actually learn math.
Score: 4.3

20) Regarding Margie
Marge suffers amnesia, but quickly remembers everything... except for Homer.
Score: 6.7

21) The Monkey Suit
A museum has displays on evolution, and Ned Flanders gets offended.  He gets creationism taught at schools, and Lisa gets offended.  Everyone's offended!
Score: 6.3

22) Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play
A minor league baseball star turns to Marge and Homer to fix his marriage with a hot singer.
Score: 6.7

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