Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Simpsons: Season 12 Episode List

Season 12 is the final season ran by Mike Scully, which completes the so-called 'fall of the Simpsons' run whose name I just came up with right now.  Although there are several good episodes within this season, the episodes are starting to become more and more unremarkable, with a few genuine clunkers mixed in as well.  Its not quite as bad as Season 11, and its still better than Season 1, but we're long past the golden age of the series now.

Something I've noticed with this season that probably started last season is that scene transitions now seem to have a rather loud, sometimes sped up piece of music to accompany it, regardless of what kind of scene transition it is or how long it was since the last scene transition.  I don't know why, but this constant use of music really bugs me, like as though they realize a joke may not be so great so when it transitions right afterward they play some music to keep people from realizing that joke wasn't so great, but it keeps happening so there's scene transition music all the time now.  Ah, but I'm ranting now.  Its not as bad as the 'play music over the obvious visual gag' thing that hasn't started happening yet but its a warning sign that these aren't the Simpsons that people came to love anymore.

Season 12 Overall Score: 7.56
Favorite Season 12 Episode: Day of the Jackanapes
Least Favorite Season 12 Episode: New Kids on the Blecch

01) Treehouse of Horror XI
G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad: Homer dies, then needs to do a good deed to get into heaven.
Scary Tales Can Come True: The family live right next to woods that house multiple fairy tales.
Night of the Dolphin: Dolphins come out of the sea to conquer the world and land.
Score: 8.4

02) A Tale of Two Springfields
Homer is furious that Springfield has two area codes instead of one.  Realizing that the rich side of Springfield got to keep the old area code, he has the people on his side of town rebel to make a New Springfield of their own.
Score: 7.5

03) Insane Clown Poppy
Krusty learns he has a daughter, then promptly gambles away her cherished violin to the mafia.  He enlists Homer's help to get it back.
Score: 8.0

04) Lisa the Tree Hugger
Lisa becomes a member of an environmental group led by a boy she is infatuated with.  Its for this that she agrees to sit in Springfield's oldest tree to prevent it from being cut.
Score: 6.9

05) Homer vs. Dignity
With the family broke, Homer agrees to do increasingly embarrassing acts for Mr. Burns' amusement.  Lisa learns about this, and helps Homer regain his dignity.
Score: 8.5

06) The Computer Wore Menace Shoes
Homer buys a computer and sets up a webpage where he posts dirt about people as "Mr. X".  When he outs himself so he can keep a Pulitzer prize, things start going south in more ways than one.
Score: 7.3

07) The Great Money Caper
After a series of events, Homer and Bart become con artists, but when Grampa gets into the scene the biggest con of their lives begins.
Score: 7.1

08) Skinner's Sense of Snow
Principal Skinner keeps the school open during a massive snowfall, and ends up trapping himself and the few kids who came within the school as the snow continues to fall.
Score: 8.2

09) HOMR
Homer learns there's a crayon lodged in his brain, and accepts the offer to have it removed.  He becomes much smarter, but at the same time becomes less happy.
Score: 6.8

10) Pokey Mom
Marge finds a talented artist in a prison and decides to help him get a second chance.  Meanwhile, Homer circumvents the need for a chiropractor thanks to a trash can.
Score: 8.6

11) Worst Episode Ever
Comic book guy bans Bart and Milhouse from his store, but when he suffers a heart attack its those two boys that called the ambulance.  Without a friend, guess who comic book guy gets to run his store?
Score: 7.4

12) Tennis the Menace
The Simpsons install a tennis court in the backyard.  Homer and Marge start playing matches with others, but Homer's poor play starts to embarrass Marge.
Score: 7.7

13) Day of the Jackanapes
Sideshow Bob breaks out of prison to kill Krusty for disregarding Bob's time as sideshow, hypnotising Bart to be a trigger agent to do the deed.
Score: 9.1

14) New Kids on the Blecch
Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Ralph become a new boy band, though its intentions are far darker than just wooing preteen girls.
Score: 4.4

15) Hungry, Hungry Homer
During adventures where he helps out 'the little guy' Homer stumbles upon the secret that the Springfield Isotopes are moving and undergoes a hunger strike to force out the truth.
Score: 7.8

16) Bye Bye Nerdie
A new girl in school is bullying Lisa non-stop, prompting Lisa to investigate the science as to why bullies go after the nerds like they do.
Score: 8.1

17) Simpson Safari
The Simpsons win a trip to Africa, getting into wacky situations on yet another continent.
Score: 7.0

18) Trilogy of Error
A crazy day unfolds as seen through Homer, then Lisa and eventually Bart.
Score: 8.4

19) I'm Goin' to Praiseland
Ned freaks out a woman with his creepy obsession with his dead wife.  To overcome this, he has the Simpsons remove Maude's things, but he uncovers Maude's last dream and decides to do it himself.
Score: 4.7

20) Children of a Lesser Clod
Homer breaks his leg in a basketball game.  To pass the time, he starts up a day care, but when Homer showers more love on his day care kids than his own kids, Bart and Lisa plot vengeance.
Score: 8.9

21) Simpsons Tall Tales
Hitching a train ride to Delaware, the Simpsons listen to tall tales from a hobo about Paul Bunyan, Connie Appleseed as well as an adventure of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn.
Score: 7.9

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