Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Simpsons: Season 27 Episode List

After the disaster that was Season 26, my expectations for Season 27 was at an all-time low.  To make matters worse, this season had a very long string of Lisa-focused episodes, and Lisa episodes are never particularly good because Lisa episodes focus on things that aren't funny.

Indeed, this season overall scored better than last season, but indeed this season scored about as well as any of the other 13 Al Jean zombie-Simpsons seasons.  Although there were actually two (2!) good episodes in this batch (at least, to me there were), so many other episodes ranged from dull to downright awful to make this season any worthwhile.

Well, at least there aren't any Tim Long-written episodes *defeated laugh*.

Season 27 Overall Score: 6.68
Favorite Season 27 Episode: Puffless
Least Favorite Season 27 Episode: The Girl Code

1) Every Man's Dream
Homer's new narcolepsy problem is too much for Marge to handle, and the two break up.  Subsequently, Homer hooks up with some pharmacist.
Score: 6.6

2) Cue Detective
Homer acquires an excellent bee-themed smoker that makes him the talk of town.  However, after being challenged by a celebrity chef to a cook off, Homer's smoker is stolen, leaving Bart and Lisa to investigate.
Score: 7.0

3) Puffless
After learning their father died from lung cancer, Patty and Selma decide to quit smoking, or try to anyway.  Meanwhile, Maggie befriends a troupe of animals.
Score: 8.3

4) Halloween of Horror
In this Halloween episode that isn't a trio of tales, Lisa gets too scared by Halloween and so Homer has to protect her on Halloween night from guys he angered the other day.
Score: 7.4

5) Treehouse of Horror XXVI
Wanted: Dead Then Alive: Bob kills Bart then brings him to life to kill him again.
Homerzilla: A tale of a Homer monster is remade for modern audiences.
Telepaths of Glory: Lisa and Milhouse gain and then abuse telepathic powers.
Score: 7.0

6) Friend with Benefit
Lisa befriends a girl with a rich, rich, father and she (and Homer) reap the benefits, until Lisa realizes her new friend doesn't treat her like a real friend.
Score: 7.7

7) Lisa with an "S"
Lisa goes on broadway with an aging, former Broadway star, which worries Marge significantly.
Score: 6.0

8) Paths of Glory
Lisa uncovers the invention of an ancient female scientist, while Bart makes his parents believe he's a sociopath.
Score: 7.1

9) Barthood
An episode that's basically a Boyhood reference that depicts Bart growing up with a neglectful father, a very successful sister and Grampa actually being liked.
Score: 5.7

10) The Girl Code
After Marge gets Homer fired for a poor social media post, Lisa teams up with a female coding team to develop an app to predict social media consequences.
Score: 4.2

11) Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles
Hormone-infused "milk" gives Lisa acne problems and Bart a mustache while the latter tries to earn the affection of his new 4th grade teacher.
Score: 5.8

12) Much Apu About Something
The Kwik-E-Mart is forced to rebuild thanks to a series of events started by Bart.  As Homer forces Bart to stop pranking, Sanjay gives up to store to his millennial son Jay, whom irks Apu quite a lot.
Score: 7.3

13) Love is in the N2-O2-Ar-CO2-Ne-He-CH4
Professor Frink uses science to make himself attractive to women.  Grampa and the other seniors at the retirement home are given new pills and hallucinate their loved ones are back.
Score: 5.9

14) Gal of Constant Sorrow
Bart screws up a homeless woman's belongings and decides to help her, as Lisa finds out the woman is musically gifted.  Meanwhile, Homer's home repairs results in pets getting stuck in the wall.
Score: 6.0

15) Lisa the Veterinarian
Lisa saves an animal's life and subsequently becomes interested in saving more.  Marge cleans up some crime scenes and becomes dead inside.
Score: 6.7

16) The Marge-ian Chronicles
As Lisa chases a dream of becoming a settler on Mars, Homer advises a wary Marge to support Lisa until she loses interest.  Lisa doesn't, so Marge goes all out to get her to stop.
Score: 8.2

17) The Burns Cage
Smithers is spurned again by Mr. Burns, but Homer and pals help hook him up with a new boyfriend, and newfound freedom.  Also, Lisa is not happy that Milhouse is her co-star in a play.
Score: 6.4

18) How Lisa Got Her Marge Back
After Lisa finds out Marge doesn't actually like jazz, the two are at extreme odds.  Meanwhile, Bart enlists Maggie to help him regain his pranking skill.
Score: 6.8

19) Fland Canyon
Homer recalls a time two years ago where the Simpsons and the Flanders went to the Grand Canyon and had mild misadventures there.
Score: 6.3

20) To Courier with Love
To pay for a trip to Paris for Marge, Homer agrees to be a courier for what turns out to be a live blue snake.
Score: 6.4

21) Simprovised
Homer overcomes his fear of public speaking by starting up an improv group.  Meanwhile, Bart gets Marge to rebuild his treehouse.  Features the "Homer Live" gimmick.
Score: 6.9

22) Orange is the New Yellow
Marge goes to prison for not directly supervising Bart while he was outside.  She comes to like it there.
Score: 7.2

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