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Treehouse of Horror Episodes

Its the yearly tradition that has happened in every season except the first!  It sometimes leads new seasons off!  Its the Treehouse of Horror!  A trilogy of supposedly Halloween-themed shorts meant to make people laugh and fear.  Okay, not really.

Note: this page will be updated as I review more episodes.  Also, the final score is not the summation of 5 and the three individual scores by themselves.

Treehouse of Horror
1. Bad Dream House: The Simpsons move into a house built on an ancient burial ground. (+1.5)
2. Hungry are the Damned: The Simpsons are abducted by aliens, and then fed non-stop. (+1.4)
3. The Raven: The classic Poe tale retold by James Earl Jones. (+0.4)
Score: 8.8

Treehouse of Horror II
1. The Monkey's Paw: Homer acquires a monkey's paw that makes ill-fated wishes. (+1.7)
2. The Bart Zone: Bart is some sort of god that turns anyone with bad thoughts into a monster. (+0.8)
3. If I Only Had a Brain: Mr. Burns puts Homer's brain into a robot, who then becomes lazy. (+1.2)
Score: 9.3

Treehouse of Horror III
1. Clown Without Pity: Homer buys a cursed Krusty doll, which tries to kill him. (+2.0)
2. King Homer: A King Kong parody featuring Homer as the big ape. (+1.5)
3. Dial "Z" for Zombies: Bart resurrects the undead, who go on a zombie rampage. (+1.7)
Score: 10

Treehouse of Horror IV
1. The Devil and Homer Simpson: Homer sells his soul for a donut. (+1.5)
2. Terror at 5 1/2 Feet: Bart is the only one who sees a gremlin tearing apart the bus. (+1.6)
3. Bart Simpson's Dracula: Mr. Burns is a vampire, and he converts Bart into one. (+1.5)
Score: 9.8

Treehouse of Horror V
1. The Shinning: No TV and no beer make Homer something something. (+1.5)
2. Time and Punishment: Homer goes back in time, screws up the present. (+1.7)
3. Nightmare Cafeteria: The school's staff acquires the taste for human child. (+1.1)
Score: 10

Treehouse of Horror VI
1. Attack of the 50 Ft. Eyesores: Giant advertising icons wreak havoc in Springfield. (+1.2)
2. Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace: Kids are being attacked in their dreams, by Willie. (+1.4)
3. Homer^3: Rather than deal with his sisters-in-law, Homer escapes to the third dimension. (+1.0)
Score: 8.6

Treehouse of Horror VII
1. The Thing and I: Bart has an evil twin brother, Hugo. (+1.2)
2. The Genesis Tub: Lisa creates new life in a small tub. (+0.8)
3. Citizen Kang: Kang and Kodos conquer Earth, eventually. (+1.3)
Score: 8.3

Treehouse of Horror VIII
1. The HΩmega Man: Homer is the last person in Springfield. (+1.7)
2. Fly vs Fly: Bart combines himself with a fly. (+1.5)
3. Easy Bake Coven: Marge is a witch way back in the 17th century. (+1.0)
Score: 9.4

Treehouse of Horror IX
1. Hell Toupée: Homer gets Snake's vengeful, possessive hair. (+1.8)
2. The Terror of Tiny Toon: Bart and Lisa end up in Itchy & Scratchy's cartoon. (+0.8)
3. Starship Poopers: Turns out, Maggie is Kang's daughter. (+0.4)
Score: 8.1

Treehouse of Horror X
1. I Know What You Diddily-Iddly-Did: Simpsons run over Flanders, their cover up is known. (+1.2)
2. Desperately Xeeking Xena: Bart and Lisa are superheroes who confront the Collector. (+1.4)
3. Life's a Glitch, Then You Die: Homer forgets to make the plant's computers Y2K compliant. (+0.7)
Score: 8.5

Treehouse of Horror XI
1. G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad: Homer dies, then needs to do a good deed to go into heaven. (+1.5)
2. Scary Tales Can Come True: The Simpsons livin' in fairy tale times. (+0.4)
3. Night of the Dolphin: Dolphins leave the sea to conquer and kill mankind. (+1.4)
Score: 8.4

Treehouse of Horror XII
1. Hex and the City: Homer is cursed by a Gypsy where everyone he cares about has bad luck. (+1.1)
2. House of Whacks: Marge gets an automated house with Pierce Brosnan's personality. (+1.2)
3. Wiz Kids: Wizard Bart allies with Lord Montymort to embarrass wizard Lisa. (+0.9)
Score: 8.4

Treehouse of Horror XIII
1. Send in the Clones: Homer gets a new hammock that can make clones. (+1.3)
2. The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms: Lisa leads a gun ban, gun-toting zombies thank her. (+0.4)
3. The Island of Dr. Hibbert: A mad Hibbert turns people into animals. (+0.5)
Score: 6.7

Treehouse of Horror XIV
1. Reaper Madness: Homer kills, becomes Death. (+1.1)
2. Frinkenstein: Professor Frink reanimates his father, who lusts for organs. (+1.0)
3. Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off: Bart and Milhouse acquire a watch which stops time. (+1.0)
Score: 8.4

Treehouse of Horror XV
1. The Ned Zone: Ned gains the ability to foresee people dying. (+0.7)
2. Four Beheadings and a Funeral: 1890s London is terrorized by the Mutton-Chop Murderer. (+0.0)
3. In the Belly of the Boss: Mr. Burns swallows a pill with Maggie inside. (+0.5)
Score: 6.4

Treehouse of Horror XVI
1. B.I. Bartificial Intelligence: Bart gets replaced by a robot, becomes a robot. (+0.8)
2. Survival of the Fattest: Burns hunts man, including Homer and his pals. (+0.7)
3. I've Grown a Costume on Your Face: A witch turns everyone into their costumes. (+0.8)
Score: 7.4

Treehouse of Horror XVII
1. Married to the Blob: Homer eats an alien goo, turns into a man-eating blob. (+0.8)
2. You Gotta Know When to Golem: Bart acquires a Jewish golem that regrets its actions. (+0.9)
3. The Day the Earth Looked Stupid: 1938 Springfield gets tricked by Orson Welles. (+0.4)
Score: 7.1

Treehouse of Horror XVIII
1. E.T. Go Home: Kodos is left behind, uses Bart to secretly build an invasion portal. (+1.2)
2. Mr. & Mrs. Simpson: Homer and Marge are secret assassins. (+0.8)
3. Heck House: Ned tries to scare some kids straight, gets God to help. (+0.6)
Score: 7.6

Treehouse of Horror XIX
1. Untitled Robot Parody: Licensed transforming robots rage war in Springfield. (+0.7)
2. How to Get Ahead in Dead-vertising: Homer kills celebrities so they can be used in ads. (+0.7)
3. It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse: Its like Charlie Brown, but slightly less boring. (+0.8)
Score: 7.3

Treehouse of Horror XX
1. Dial M for Murder: Bart and Lisa agree to get revenge on each other's teacher. (+0.7)
2. Don't Have a Cow, Mankind: Unholy burgers make zombies of people, but Bart is immune. (+1.3)
3. There's No Business Like Moe Business: Moe woos Marge, Homer's blood make beer good. (+1.2)
Score: 8.4

Treehouse of Horror XXI
1. War and Pieces: an evil board game makes other board games come to life. (+0.6)
2. Master and Cadaver: Homer and Marge get involved in an ocean murder mystery. (+0.8)
3. Tweenlight: Lisa falls in love with a young vampire whose father is the corny Dracula. (+1.0)
Score: 7.3

Treehouse of Horror XXII
1. The Diving Bell and the Butterball: Homer becomes fully paralyzed. (+0.3)
2. Dial D for Diddily: Flanders gets orders from "God" to kill Homer's enemies... hmm... (+0.6)
3. In the Na'vi: An Avatar parody featuring everyone's favorite alien race: the Rigelians! (+0.1)
Score: 6.2

Treehouse of Horror XXIII
1. The Greatest Story over Holed: A black hole grows bigger as people throw trash into it. (+0.5)
2. Unnormal Activity: Demonic things happen in the Simpson home, and Marge knows why. (+0.8)
3. Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure: Bart goes to the past, pairs Marge with Artie Ziff. (+1.0)
Score: 7.4

Treehouse of Horror XXIV
1. Oh, the Places You'll D'oh: A twisted Halloween-themed parody of The Cat in the Hat. (+0.7)
2. Dead and Shoulders: Bart is beheaded, but gets his head attached to Lisa's body. (+0.6)
3. Freaks No Geeks: A 1920s circus freak show rallies together to be really creepy. (+1.2)
Score: 7.0

Treehouse of Horror XXV
1. School is Hell: Bart visits, enjoys, goes to a school in hell. (+0.5)
2. A Clockwork Yellow: A reference to everything Stanley Kubrick. (-0.1)
3. The Others: The Simpsons are haunted by the Simpsons circa 1987!  (+0.7)
Score: 6.1

Treehouse of Horror XXVI
1. Wanted: Dead Then Alive: Bob kills Bart, but wants to do it again so he reanimates Bart to do so. (+1.1)
2. Homerzilla: an old tale about an angry Homer monster gets remade for the modern audience. (+0.5)
3. Telepaths of Glory: Lisa and Milhouse gain, then abuse telepathic powers. (+0.4)
Score: 7.0

Treehouse of Horror XXVII
1. Dry Hard: its a terrible Hunger Games reference. (-0.3)
2. BFF/R.I.P.: Lisa's old imaginary friend is killing Lisa's current friends. (+1.3)
3. Moefinger: Moe and pals are actually spies who recruit Bart to take Homer's job. (+0.5)
Score: 6.4

Treehouse of Horror XXVIII
1. The Exor-Sis: Maggie gets possesed and needs to be exorcised. (+0.6)
2. Coralisa: Lisa finds the Coraline equivalent of her world. (+0.7)
3. Mmm... Homer: Homer finds himself to be a tasty ingredient. (+0.9)
Score: 7.2

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