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The Simpsons: Season 20 Episode List

Season 20 is a notable season for a few reasons.  First, and most obviously, its a milestone season for the series.  To commemorate the occasion, this season's DVD was released shortly after the season's conclusion, even though at that time only Seasons 1-12 had a DVD release.

More notably, though, is that once the season begins its new production order of episodes starting with Take My Life, Please, the series shifts to full HD.  This includes a brand new opening sequence, the first major change to it since Season 2.

While this season ends up slightly better than Season 19, thanks in part to a string of episodes of decent quality, there are still several stinkers found within that prevent the season from making any positive strides.  As it is, its just another throwaway season during Al Jean's zombie Simpsons run.

Season 20 Overall Score: 6.51

Favorite Season 20 Episode: No Loan Again, Naturally
Least Favorite Season 20 Episode: Four Great Women and a Manicure

01) Sex, Pies and Idiot Scrapes
A wild St. Patrick's Day leads to Marge getting a job as an erotic baker, and Homer teaming up with Ned to become bounty hunters.
Score: 5.8

02) Lost Verizon
Bart finally gets a cell phone - that belonged to Denis Leary.  After consulting with Leary, Marge decides to enable its GPS so that she can track Bart.
Score: 5.9

03) Double, Double, Boy in Trouble
To evade punishment for misdeeds, Bart switches places with a very similar looking yet very rich boy he meets in the bathroom.  However, it turns out that boy switched places to avoid being killed for his inheritance.
Score: 7.0

04) Treehouse of Horror XIX
Untitled Robot Parody: parody of Transformers
How to Get Ahead in Dead-vertising: parody of Mad Men
It's the Grand Pumpkin, Milhouse: parody of Charlie Brown
Score: 7.3

05) Dangerous Curves
A love story that spans 20 years all in the same lodge almost comes back to ruin Homer and Marge's marriage.  Or something, I dunno.
Score: 5.6

06) Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words
Homer gains a lot of money breaking up couples and consoling the hurt, then successfully bets it against Lisa in the finals of the crossword tournament she's in.  Cool guy.
Score: 6.4

07) Mypods and Boomsticks
As Lisa gets a new "Mypod" that she downloads too much music for, Bart befriends a young Muslim boy whose family Homer suspects the worst from.
Score: 7.1

08) The Burns and the Bees
Mr. Burns earns himself a professional basketball team, and tries to be the hip new owner everyone likes.  Meanwhile, Lisa tries to stop bees from dying.
Score: 6.9

09) Lisa the Drama Queen
Lisa befriends a new, intellectual girl in town named Juliet.  Together the two create a new fantasy world called Equalia and both become just a little too enveloped in it.
Score: 6.7

10) Take My Life, Please
As the series shifts to HD, Homer is depressed that he lost his high school class president election to the now successful Vance Connor, and goes on a quest to find out what life would've been like had he won.
Score: 6.3

11) How the Test Was Won
As the elementary school prepares for an important test, Skinner and the less-than-ideal boys such as Bart are forced to Capital City for a day to prevent any screwups.  Meanwhile, Homer is uninsured.
Score: 6.6

12) No Loan Again, Naturally
Homer's careless use of his home's equity put their house up for auction.  Ned Flanders graciously buys the home and lets the family rent it back from him.
Score: 7.7

13) Gone Maggie Gone
After Marge is blinded by a solar eclipse, Homer accidentally leaves Maggie at a convent.  Lisa goes to retrieve her, unveiling a deep mystery within the convent.
Score: 6.6

14) In the Name of the Grandfather
The Simpsons miss an important day for Grampa so to make it up they take him to Ireland so he can drink once more at a bar he enjoyed when he was younger.
Score: 4.6

15) Wedding for Disaster
Homer and Marge learn that their second wedding wasn't official, and so they prepare another wedding, however Marge turns into a 'Bridezilla' during the process, which worries Homer.
Score: 7.1

16) Eeny Teeny Maya Moe
Moe has a new girlfriend, but her small stature makes it hard for him not to make comments, unintentional or otherwise, about it.
Score: 7.4

17) The Good, the Sad and the Drugly
Milhouse takes full blame for a prank he and Bart pulled, and Bart promises to visit Milhouse during his suspension.  However, Bart meets a girl instead.
Score: 7.2

18) Father Knows Worst
Homer burns his tongue and becomes ultra-sensitive to taste so he goes to the school's cafeteria to eat its bland food.  There, he learns about the necessity that is helicopter parenting.
Score: 7.0

19) Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D'oh
Marge decides to send the kids to a much nicer elementary school in Waverly Hills, but in order to do that Homer has to rent and live in an apartment within that city.
Score: 6.9

20) Four Great Women and a Manicure
Marge and/or Lisa tell four tales about women: Queen Elizabeth I, Snow White, alternate reality murderous Marge during the production of a Lady MacBeth play, and a Jodie Foster voiced Maggie.
Score: 4.4

21) Coming to Homerica
Tainted barley in a vegetarian burger basically shuts down the Norwegian-descended farm town of Ogdenville, so everyone there goes to Springfield to do cheap labor.
Score: 6.2

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