Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cape Feare (S05, E02-083)

This was the most maniacal laugh I could find.
Plot Summary
For some crazy reason, Bart is getting death threats to start this episode.  Death threats written in blood.  Attempts to figure out who's sending the threats prove fruitless.  Soon, however, its revealed to the viewer that, yes, Sideshow Bob is the one behind the letters.  In a parole hearing, after testimony from Chief Wiggum and Selma prove to help Bob rather than hurt him, a question about his chest tattoo ("Die Bart, Die") has him replying that its German for "The Bart, The".  As the parole board fails to recall any "evil" German person in the past, they approve Bob's parole and he's back on the streets.  Right away, he begins terrorizing Bart by appearing around him or going around town reading a list of names of people he won't kill (excluding Bart of course).

With options to keeping Bob away failing, the Simpsons try the Witness Relocation Program.  There, they get renamed the Thompsons and are sent to live at "Terror Lake" in a house boat.  Given a new car by the WRP, the "Thompsons" are off to their new home, not aware that Bob has hitched a ride under the car.  While not exactly smooth sailing for Bob, with the car being driven through cactus patches and walking into several rakes lying around upon reaching his destination, Bob lets Bart know right away he's there.

That night, Bob makes his move, and sends the boat drifting into the river, tying up the family in the process, leaving Bart by himself.  Unable to jump into the river because of crocodiles and electric eels, Bart sees that the boat is drifting towards Springfield, 15 miles away.  To stall for time, Bart is granted a last wish by Bob: to have Bob sing the entire score to the H.M.S. Pinafore, which Bob gladly does.  The ploy works, and by the time Bob finishes and resumes his advance on Bart, the boat crashes near a brothel where the police are conveniently near.  They take Bob away, and the Simpsons can return home, with Grampa having turned into a woman because his pills were locked away within the house.  Good times.

Quick Review
Cape Feare is one of Season 5's best episodes, its also one of the best Sideshow Bob episodes as well.  There are a lot of memorable parts, like Bob running into nine rakes in a row, Homer writing a "I Kill You Scum" threat letter to Bart just because Bart managed to write "Wide Load" on Homer's ass, or Wiggum saying "Bake him away, toys" after Bart stole his thunder.  It all makes for an exceptional episode.  I should also note that, until the last couple of Sideshow Bob episodes, this was once the only one where Bob makes an effort to actually kill Bart.  Every other episode he has a different plot and/or motive and usually its either Bart or Lisa that foils it, but this was the only one for a long time where Bart was the target of Bob's angered strategems.

Final Score: 10

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