Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play (S17, E22-378)

Could Homer be any happier right now?  Maybe if he had some fries...
Plot Summary
The Simpsons learn the Springfield Isotopes are good at baseball again, and decide to hop on the bandwagon.  The team has gotten good since acquiring some big time (yet minor league level) slugger named Buck Mitchell.  Buck is also married to a singer named Tabitha Vixx, who is mostly known for slutting it up during her performances, including the singing of the national anthem at the game.  Buck is embarrassed by Tabitha's dancing, greatly affecting his play, but notices Homer and Marge making out on the kiss cam, somehow making the connection that those are the two that can help fix his marriage.

Buck goes to the Simpson house to officially ask the two to help in marriage counseling.  Marge is hesitant, mostly because her marriage with Homer hasn't been smooth, but Homer helps convince her to give it a try.  The Simpsons' first attempts at counseling don't go very well, as Tabitha's seductive demeanor and Buck's "good ol' boy" attitude continue to clash.  Still, Marge and Homer are able to keep the two together by finding ways they can do high profile stuff together.  The family goes to one of Tabitha's concerts, where afterward Homer goes to see Tabitha in her room.  Tabitha offers Homer some fried chicken she just happened to have, and asks Homer to give her a neck rub.  The moans of ecstasy from Tabitha's rub and Homer's chicken lust can be heard outside, by Buck, who misunderstands and knocks Homer out, basically ending him and Marge as counselors.

With what's happened, Buck's play begins to sour again.  Marge is upset not just because of what Homer did, but also because of her lack of success at counseling.  Still, Homer decides to try one last ditch effort to fix Buck's marriage, and runs off to the stadium.  Tabitha visits Marge shortly thereafter, telling Marge she's going to break up with Buck.  Marge convinces Tabitha otherwise, and the two also head for the stadium.

Homer commandeers the Duff Blimp and uses it to display a message, 'from Tabitha' to Buck.  Buck gets so inspired from it he hits a home run... which flies right into the blimp, causing it to fall.  Homer escapes, but is found by Buck who quickly learns Homer's deception.  Marge appears on the jumbotron just in time to tell Buck that marriage can be hard work, but worth it if you care about the other person.  Tabitha and Buck make up, and their marriage is saved for now thanks to the efforts of the Simpsons.

Quick Review
It wasn't that bad of an episode.  There wasn't all that much that was funny, but there wasn't anything particularly bad about it either.  The plot was alright, thankfully it stayed away from becoming another marriage episode, though it ended on a bit of a rush job.  Still, the jokes weren't all that plentiful.

Final Score: 6.7

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