Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Change for Season 29 onward


Site-related post here.

You might have noticed it took me forever to review the last three or four episodes of Season 28.  Well, several months ago, I welcomed my first child into the world, and so he's as well as other personal matters have kept me very busy the last few months, with me only really being able to squeeze in a review once a month or so.

Season 29 is just around the corner, but there's no way I'm going to be able to keep up with it if I attempt to write reviews as I have.  So, from here on, this is what's changing:

  • No more lengthy story recaps.  I'm not even sure if people enjoyed them even with my sarcastic tone on some of them.  These take up a large amount of my time so from here on, I'll just provide a quick little one or two line bloop and then get to the review.
  • The length of my reviews will probably be the same, maybe a little longer if I have to explain a particular part of an episode that irked me (or, in theory, I enjoyed).  Depending on how dull or unique an episode is, the review might be a line or two, or maybe a few paragraphs, like it has been.
  • For every episode to this point, I've provided a single screen cap from that episode, usually with an attempt at a witty or sometimes snarky caption.  I still intend on providing both, but I might crop screen caps from here on out.
  • I'm still deciding on what to do with the blog's side stuff.  I might stop/delete the Marriage episode post, just because its a mess right now.  I only update character spotlights once every few months at most anyway, but you'll notice its been a full year since I did my last one.  Still, I'd like to spit out a new one at some point coming up.
Hopefully I won't fall too far behind.  We'll see, Season 29 starts the Sunday after this post.

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