Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Treehouse of Horror XXVIII (S29, E04-622)

The Exor-Sis - Maggie gets possessed by a lesser demon in an obvious Exorcist spoof. (+0.6)

Coralisa - Lisa finds a stitched-up CGI version of her world through her room, where life is great except everyone has their eyes or mouths stitched up with buttons. (+0.7)

Mmm... Homer - Homer realizes he tastes delicious, and eventually becomes the world's tastiest ingredient. (+0.9)

Review: I enjoyed the episode overall.  Each segment was better than the last.  Exor-Sis was kinda dull and ended on a whimper.  Coralisa, an apparent Coraline reference, was relatively faithful to the setup of that movie even if, once again, it had no idea how to end itself.  The last segment had some good moments though the 'Hallelujah' bits dragged it down somewhat.  This Treehouse of Horror ends up better than last years' if only because none of the segments were downright bad, and overall this one is the best scoring one in five years, but these anthologies are still a far cry from what they were even just ten years ago.

Final Score: 7.2

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