Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kamp Krusty (S04, E01-060)

"Yeah Bart, I am so Krunchy the Klown." *burps*
Plot Summary
It's the beginning of a new season!  For Bart, Lisa, and the other kids at Springfield Elementary, Summer is that new season, and on the last day of school the two are awaiting their final grades.  Homer has promised to send each one to Kamp Krusty if they had a "C" average.  Lisa has no problems in this, although her B+ in conduct leaves her a bit despondent.  Bart, however, gets straight D minuses, and worries he won't be able to go as a result.  He tries to forge the grades to make them look like A pluses but Lisa tells Bart he should've gone for a more plausible grade.  Homer later agrees when he sees the forgery, but lets Bart go to Kamp Krusty anyway because he didn't want the boy hanging around during the summer anyway.

Promised good times, exciting adventures and Krusty the Klown himself, the children are more than eager to start camp.  However, they learn Krusty is not there but will be there at some point.  Instead, the camp is run by a Mr. Black and three camp counselors: Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph.  The place is a shoddy, run down death trap with broken canoes, falling rocks, bears, and imitation gruel.  As the kids begin to wear down from the experience, Bart hangs in there by telling himself that Krusty will be coming.  As it is, Krusty is in England for the summer.

One day, Mr. Black tries to humor the kids by bringing in Krusty, however Bart angrily determines that it's not really him (rather, its Barney clumsily dressed up to kinda look like Krusty).  Finally reaching a breaking point, Bart leads a revolt against Black and the counselors, forcing them away.  Soon, the new camp, now called "Camp Bart", makes local headlines, and Krusty gets wind of what's occurred.  Meeting up with the kids, Krusty breaks down in tears over how run down everything is, only agreeing to the camp because of the money it brought in, and decides to make it up to the kids by taking them to Tijuana, where good times were had by all.

Quick Review
Kamp Krusty starts off Season 4 on a strong note, full of jokes and humor and little if anything brought the episode down.  The episode also solidifies Krusty as a commercial sellout, willing to put his name on anything regardless of its actual quality.  This fact gets brought up in later episodes in humorous detail, and this episode makes note of it very nicely as well.

Final Score: 9.1

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