Monday, December 17, 2012

Scenes From the Class Struggle in Springfield (S07, E14-142)

"Mmm... open-faced club sand-wedge..."
Plot Summary
When Grampa so eloquently destroys the family TV, the Simpsons go to an outlet mall to buy what ends up being a very similar-looking TV.  While there, Marge and Lisa go clothes shopping, where Lisa finds a Chanel suit on sale for $90 somehow, and it fits Marge perfectly.  With Lisa's urging, Marge decides to go ahead and buy it.  Showing it off, Marge is unable to get Homer to go anywhere fancy, but decides to wear it on an everyday basis anyway.  At the Kwik-E-Mart, she runs across an old high school associate, Evelyn, who is impressed with Marge's fashion sense and invites her and her family to the country club.

At the club, Marge is slowly able to fit in, though she begins to believe that the people there are her and the family's social betters.  However, one of the regulars at the club, the oft-critical Susan, begins to make jokes at Marge's expense, mocking Marge for a lack of variety in her wear.  Determined to fit in, Marge begins altering her suit to look different each time.  The ploy seemingly works, to the point where Evelyn is willing to allow Marge to join as a full member, but her suit is in such disarray that it can barely be altered further.  Sure enough, a mistake on the sewing machine rips it apart, and Marge is left desperate for a new suit.

In the meantime, Homer spends his time at the club well, having picked up some golfing tips from the guy whose gear he stole, Tom Kite.  He becomes a whiz at golf, impressing at work, and catching the eye of Mr. Burns who has won every match save for a pity loss against Richard Nixon.  Burns and Homer meet up for a match against one another, when to Homer's confusion Burns is seemingly able to get the ball on the green in one shot every time.  By luck, Homer is able to find an explanation: it seems Smithers always placed a ball on the green no matter where Burns' shot actually went, which reveals that Burns isn't all the good at golf.  Homer is in glee over having new info to spill to his co-workers, but is forced to silence when Burns promises to put in a good word for Marge to join the club.

The night of the Initiation is nearing.  Marge's attempts to borrow a suit from her sisters prove worthless, and there are no gems in the outlet store this time.  She ultimately decides to buy a brand new Chanel suit at full price just in time for the ceremony.  Deathly afraid as being seen as common folk, she forces Homer to park far away and forces the family to not commit any of their usual antics - Maggie can't even suck on her pacifier.  As Homer comments on how Marge becoming "a better person" let them see just how awful they are, Marge realizes what she's become, and learns that she shouldn't become a snob just so she can hang out with other snobs.  The family, still dressed up, decide to spend the night at a Krusty Burger, a setting they are all more familiar with.

Quick Review
While this episode does have its moments, Homer's golf subplot being the hidden star of the episode, for the most part the quantity of laughs is less so than other episodes from this season, and as a result its the least funny episode of the season, which is not saying a lot really, but that's how it is.

Final Score: 8.1

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