Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Summer of 4 Ft. 2 (S07, E25-153)

Remember kids, reading books is bad!
Plot Summary
Its the last day of school, and Lisa, as a member of the yearbook committee, is anticipating a big boost in popularity over her efforts in editing the yearbook.  However, nobody really cares about that, and Lisa remains as unpopular as ever, not even getting a single person to sign her yearbook, while Bart is fielding signature requests nearby.

Later that day, Flanders tells Homer that he's been sent to jury duty, and as such will be unable to use his summer house, inviting Homer to use up his two weeks of vacation there.  Homer agrees, and Marge lets Bart bring along Milhouse and Lisa a friend of her own for the trip.  Lisa, though, has no friends to bring along.  She decides that this trip will be the perfect opportunity for her to shed her old self and become a new, more popular person.

At the beach house, Lisa 'forgot' to pack, forcing Marge to go clothes shopping.  There, Lisa convinces Marge to buy her a new, stuck-in-the-90s outfit to make her 90s cool.  However, she has trouble finding any kids, and holds off the temptation to go to the library.  She finally finds some kids at the beach, a group of four kids who seem rather uninterested in most things.  Lisa adjusts her outfit and makes her best effort to adjust her personality accordingly, and it pays off, as she's able to make friends with the group.

Spying on Lisa for some reason, Bart tries to show off in front of them, but they're unimpressed with Bart's effort (literally, they don't like that Bart gave effort).  Slowly getting more and more annoyed that Lisa has friends to hang out with while Bart has just Milhouse, Bart devises a plan   On the night of Independence Day, Bart appears in front of Lisa and her friends, holding Lisa's yearbook.  Bart shows her friends just how big of a nerd Lisa is in school.  Before her friends can react, Lisa runs off in tears.

The next day, Lisa is infuriated with Bart, setting up an intense sibling rivalry that continues throughout the day, but after a bumper car incident Bart finally starts to feel bad.  As Lisa walks home by herself, she sees her 'friends' scheming in the dark.  Thinking they're up to no good, Lisa is pleasantly surprised to learn that they have attached seashells to the car with the phrase "Lisa Rules" on it.  Turns out, they don't care what Lisa was, but that they know that Lisa is a good person inside.

As the Simpsons leave the beach house (with pelicans attracted to the shells), Bart reveals to Lisa that he had her friends sign her yearbook just before they left, so in all Lisa probably had the best summer of her life.

Quick Review
This episode, while not among the best episodes of Season 7, is still a strong way to conclude the season.  Like Homerpalooza, this episode is a bit dated with how Lisa reinvents herself as well as the demeanor of the kids she comes across, but bits like most things involving Milhouse a rather short mini subplot featuring Homer buying then improperly using illegal fireworks keep the episode going well.

Final Score: 8.5

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