Friday, June 7, 2013

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bangalore (S17, E17-373)

Even Gods can forget birthdays.
Plot Summary
Mr. Burns announces he's outsourcing the nuclear plant to India, but due to federal regulations, he's forced to keep one person on the payroll, and Homer ends up as that person.  So, he has to go to India to train the new workforce.  Homer doesn't mind doing this at first, but as it turns out, he wasn't aware where India actually is until its too late.  Still, Apu helps Homer out by having him stay with his cousin, and thanks to a successmanship book Marge gave Homer before the flight, Homer is able to hang in there in the new India plant.  Its also thanks to that book that Homer is able to convince Burns to leave Homer is complete control of the new plant.  Homer quickly realizes he has full power, and after learning that Hindus worship multiple Gods, Homer believes himself to be one as well.

Some time later, Burns learns of Homer having gone mad with power, and brings along the Simpson family to investigate.  They return to the plant to find droves of people dressed like Homer, chanting.  They go inside to find Homer engaging in power-mad-like activities, but it turns out the only thing Homer has actually done to gain worship is that he told the Indian works all about American benefits like casual Friday and dental insurance and paid overtime, and such.  Burns can't believe this, and decides to outsource this plant to a place whose workers are even more desperate and ignorant: Springfield.  He fires the Indian workers, but thanks to Homer signing a binding contract with them giving them severance and early retirement, the workers begin to party India style.

In a side story, Patty and Selma attend a MacGyver convention, likely of their own making.  As you may recall, the two loved watching MacGyver, but those were in episodes from way back when MacGyver was still airing.  Now, its been around 14 years since the last episode aired, but the two still love the show and its main character, MacGyver.  Perhaps miraculously, the star of the show Richard Dean Anderson stops in.  It turns out, he made a wrong turn, as he's trying to get to a Stargate convention for his role in Stargate SG-1.  Further, he chides Patty and Selma for liking MacGyver, making fun of the show's premise and noting that he only did the show for the money.  This greatly upsets the two, and they decide to kidnap Anderson instead, bringing him to their apartment for them to slobber over.

When the sisters return to their apartment later, they find Anderson had escaped, but Anderson returns so that he can tell them his stunning, MacGyver-esque escape.  He got a huge thrill from it, and insists the twins tie him back up so he can find another crafty way to escape.  He keeps doing this, to the point of creepy obsession.  Patty and Selma decide to rid themselves of Anderson the best way they know how: they subject him to one of their slideshows of some trip of theirs.  Anderson escapes clumsily, and that's that.

Quick Review
The Richard Dean Anderson side plot really does this episode wonders.  Its a nice callback to a comedy bit that died off when MacGyver ended all those years ago, and Richard Dean Anderson provided an excellent guest spot.

The main plot started off okay, and had its moments throughout, but it ended on a rather weak note which hurt its score a bit.  Its still a fairly good episode thanks to the Anderson side story, though.

Final Score: 7.4

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