Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Serfsons (S29, E01-619)

Recap: taking place in medieval times, Lisa uses magic to help save Marge's mother, but when she's kidnapped over said use, Homer leads a serf uprising to get her back.

Review: When the opening began, I figured this would be a straight-up Game of Thrones reference of an episode.  It ended up as more of a basic medieval-themed episode albeit with references to GoT and other similar worlds.  A lot of it was terrible, though.  The main plot focused primarily on Marge, Lisa, and Jacqueline whatever-her-last-name-in-this-world-is, and it is a terribly dry plot at that, medieval themed or not.  Most of the jokes either fell flat or were just embarrassing (one "Krusty has genital Smurfs" was stupid enough, I didn't need several more of it).  You can categorize this under the already-stuffed "episode about thing writers like but have no idea how to properly parody".

Final Score: 3.5

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