Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lisa the Vegetarian (S07, E05-133)

Well, the McCartneys are enjoying themselves, anyway.
Plot Summary
In an effort to do something Maggie will enjoy, the family goes to "Storytime Village", a park meant for ages 1 - 7 and a half.  Among the rather subpar attractions is a petting zoo, and the family sees progressively cuter lambs that they fall in love with, Lisa in particular.  Upon returning home, Homer notices Flanders having what he learns to be a family reunion.  Upset that Ned didn't invite him, Homer decides to host his own barbecue, a grand barbecue where Homer will invite only whom he wishes to invite (he invites Flanders by accident, anyway).

At dinner, Lisa finds herself struggling to eat a pair of lamb chops, unable to get the thoughts of the little lamb she met at the petting zoo out of her mind.  Realizing that there's no difference between that lamb and the remains of the one now on her plate, Lisa states aloud that she doesn't think it possible she could continue to eat meat, something Bart and Homer dismiss.

The next day at school, Lisa finds herself unable to dissect a worm, and her attempts to get a non-meat lunch alternative prove fruitless.  These efforts catch the attention of Principal Skinner, who shows Lisa's class an old propaganda film from the meat industry, which claims that people who say "don't eat meat" are at the very least ignorant.  Lisa attempts to stop her fellow classmates from falling for it, but is only met with ridicule.

The day of Homer's barbecue arrives, and it seems like the entire town has been invited.  Lisa attempts to stop everyone from enjoying meat by trying to serve ice cold tomato soup, again met with ridicule.  Officially tired of everyone's attitudes toward meat, Lisa goes on the offensive.  As Homer presents the pride of what's been a successful barbecue: a large, suckling pig, Lisa grabs a lawnmower, grabs the grill containing the pig, and forces it down a hill, ultimately beyond Homer's recovery.

That act angers Homer, but Lisa remains rebellious in that she believes she did what was only right and just.  The anger between the two spills into the next morning when Lisa can't take it anymore and leaves the house.  Outside, Lisa feels the pressure of all the meat-eating propaganda around her and eventually gives in, eating what seems to be a hot dog at the Kwik-E-Mart.  However, Apu appears and reveals that it was simply a tofu dog, and that he is also a vegetarian.  He takes Lisa up to a secret area behind a door with a sign indicating non-alcoholic beer.  There, Lisa also finds Paul and Linda McCartney, also big vegetarians.  Although Apu finds it sickening that Lisa is still okay with eating cheese, he teaches Lisa that tolerance must go a long way for someone like her.  She can influence people's opinions on things without badgering them about it.  Lisa realizes that she's been acting like a jerk to others, especially Homer, and decides to apologize to Homer for ruining his barbecue but at the same time maintains her newfound vegetarianism.

Quick Review
Hilarity wise, Lisa the Vegetarian is about on par with the other offerings Season 7 has presented thus far.  The entire bit with the pig, the Meat-eating video, and Apu's appearance late highlight some of the best moments of the episode.

Final Score: 9.1

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