Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Last Temptation of Homer (S05, E09-090)

Damn.  Lenny and Carl are some fine angels.
Plot Summary
Having disposed of a plant worker for daring to suggest putting in real emergency exits, Mr. Burns' attempts to replace him with a foreigner named Zutroy are met with immediate opposition from the Department of Labor, who among other things suggest Burns finally hire a woman into the plant.

Homer, Lenny and Carl are soon introduced to the new female employee: Mindy Simmons.  Homer is immediately infatuated with her, and can't get her out of his mind.  Barney suggests that Homer's attraction is merely physical and that by talking with her, he'll learn they have nothing in common.  However, the next day Homer learns that Mindy likes donuts, drinking beer and watching TV, and sleeping during work: essentially a female, non-fat version of Homer.  Desperate to stop things before they get any hotter, Homer tries to break off communication with Mindy but before he can the two are chosen to represent the plant at an Energy Convention in Capital City.

Meanwhile, Bart has trouble reading a word on the blackboard, and as such is sent to the doctor to get his eyes checked.  He's given thick glasses for a temporary bout of lazy eye, but the doctors notice and prescribe items to fix a dry scalp, fallen arches and a red throat.  The glasses, salve and gigantic shoes leave Bart looking like quite a nerd (and the spray to fix the throat made him sound like Jerry Lewis, but that didn't last too long).  For two weeks, Bart endures ridicule and the beatings from Nelson, Jimbo and the others.  Those two weeks pass, though, and Bart returns to school looking like his old self... only to get beat up by the bullies anyway.

At the Energy Convention, Homer and Mindy are crowned the King and Queen of energy apparently, and are awarded with a dinner at "the sexiest Chinese restaurant in town".  There, Homer reads a fortune cookie with tells him that he'll find happiness with a new love.  Homer decides to finally give in to fate, but gives in to tears after he and Mindy return to the hotel room.  Explaining his feelings to Mindy, she can only reply by saying Homer should only follow his heart.  Later, wearing the same red dress Mindy was wearing in some vain attempt to trick the viewer, Marge sits with Homer in the hotel room, as Homer remains faithful to his wife.

Quick Review
This was another excellent episode for the season and the best marriage-related episode thus far.  There was no real memorable moment, though the bits with Homer's guardian angel posing as Colonel Klink from Hogan's Heroes and, my personal favorite, the bit with Joeyjoejoe Jr. Shabadoo were great.

Final Score: 9.1

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